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How Not To Get a Ticket to Comic Con

Don't Try This At Home

Bleeding Cool, in a post idea that we totally wish we had come up with first, has been scouring the web for the most desperate ploys to gain access to San Diego Comic Con. In addition to the usual scalping (with tickets going for up to $300), some people are offering up different, possibly corporeal ideas. Ladies (and gentlemen): this is not how to get tickets for SDCC.

i’ve been wanting to go to comic con and i want to meet a cute geek boy.

how about a comic con date? also, i hope you dont mind if you can be a chivalrous gentleman and get tickets :P i hope i can return the favor with really awesome company :P

i’m a college educated asian girl who is quite lazy sassy and mischievous…. i’m a big fan of firefly, bsg, british tv shows, sopranos or any crime/gang related things, pr0n….. he he he. also ive been wanting to get into comics, but don’t know where to start :/

you can send me your picture or we can exchange facebooks

Well, that’s questionable but not totally —

explanation of pics
1- i like raping others 2- i love others raping me 3- i like fooood 4- i love drugs — hope you are the same, or can relate to most!

Wat? And here are those pictures, since you were wondering:

1. “i like raping others”

2. “i love others raping me”

3. “i like fooood”

4. “i love drugs — hope you are the same, or can relate to most!”

“For a good time, call ____” has come a long way, baby.

Oh, and if you don’t have a ticket to Comic Con, just go to Tr!ckster. It’s across the street, cool people will be there, it’s actually more about comics than otherwise, and its free.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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