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  1. Graphing Calculator Gets First Update In A Billion Years, Still Costs Almost As Much As A Chromebook

    Groundbreaking news in the world of graphing calculatorsTech Powered Math is reporting that the rumors of a Texas Instruments TI-84 graphing calculator with a color screen are true! Can you believe it? A handheld device that does math and has a color screen! We truly live in the future! Who would have imagined such a thing was even possible. Oh, excuse me, I have a call coming in on my mobile telephone that has a color screen, and does math, and is with me everywhere I go. OK. Back. Where was I? Oh yeah. Calculators!

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  2. Google Amps Up Built-In Calculator, Now Voice-Enabled and Has Buttons

    Google updated their little built-in calculator, turning it into a 34-button voice-enabled scientific calculator. We're loving the change, but since Google wants to make a proper calculator, we think it could do better.

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  3. You Can Own a Combination Calculator Abacus

    You that joke where someone is counting beyond ten, and they have to take off their shoes so they can use their toes in conjunction with their fingers? This combination calculator abacus, the Redundant Calculator, is the calculator version of that. You know, for when the calculator runs out of numbers. Partners & Spade has these little guys for sale, $80 a pop, so if you want to spend nearly one hundred bucks on an amusing calculator, you could do worse than this one. Check out another model after the break.

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  4. Skyrim on a TI-84 Calculator is a Noble Effort

    YouTuber no9sniper took it upon himself to bring Bethesda's open world epic, Skyrim, to the platform that needed it most: The TI-84 calculator. His conversion isn't like all of those DOOM ports you see running on graphing calculators -- this one is more like an old BBS door game or Kingdom of Loathing, where the player simply picks options from menus to play, rather than controls anything in real time. Door games are secretly still fun, and Kingdom of Loathing is going strong, so there might be a place for no9sniper's calculator Skyrim -- probably in math class. Head on past the break to check out a video of calculator Skyrim in action.

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