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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Superheroes Are Super Fine (Art) In This Photoshop Challenge

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Worth1000 knows the way to our hearts: By mixing sci-fi and classical paintings. Last month we showed you the results of their Star Wars Photoshop challenge, where artists took characters from a galaxy far, far away and inserted them into works of fine art. They’ve run several challenges in the same vein, but with superheroes. Yes, there is a lot of Wonder Woman. Some of our favorites are behind the jump.

(via: Geeks Are Sexy)

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  • Anonymous

    The Joker one is the best.

  • krezzybot

    Props to the guy/girl who parsed out all the figures in Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase.

  • Angela Fortin

    These are all excellent but Superman Descending a Staircase might be my favorite.

  • Jesse Tannehill

    My favorite is the Dali Kryptonite Cross one. Also, Kelsey Grammar Beast looks wonderful.

  • Patrick Holt

    Agreed! But I can’t help but think it shoulda been The Flash.

  • Anonymous

    That one was awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I like the Hand With Reflecting Sphere one, as it seems to imply that MC Escher was a Justice League villain. Which he’d be great at.

    “Muahaha! Superman, you may be faster than a speeding bullet… but how long can you run up a staircase that NEVER ENDS?”

  • Elizabeth Wells

    “You think you’re almost out of the maze Batman? How will you leave if the exit is always behind you?

  • Chiara

    I love these, especially the Escher one