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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

You Can’t Take the Sky From These People and Their Awesome Sci-Fi Wedding

There’s something magical that happens when geeks fall in love. There’s something about finding someone who’s offbeat in the same ways that you are that–in our opinion–leads to some of the best relationships. Which is why it makes us so happy when we come across awesome geek weddings like this one, which makes us happy in that super cheesy way. We also just get to look at all their really cool stuff.

In an interview with Offbeat Bride (where you can find way more awesome pictures), the bride, high school English teacher Katie, talked a bit more about the event, including this awesome tidbit about their vows:

Our ceremony was non-religious, since neither of us are practicing anything (except maybe Jedi?). We wrote our own vows, which we tried to make both funny and meaningful. I promised to help support him through hisWorld of Warcraft dungeons, and he promised to love me through all the evil uprisings that happens in sci-fi.

And honestly, the rest kind of speaks for itself. It really looks like a blast.

From the couple themselves…

The cake-toppers…

And, just, well, everything…

We wish Katie and Kellan all the best in their marriage; we at least know it started off with a bang.

*This post has been edited

(Photos by Cheryl Bolton-Reuter)

(via Offbeat Bride)

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  • Anonymous

    High approval of the purple tights! I wore bright red shoes with ladybirds on them under my wedding dress, gotta jazz it up somehow!

  • Jesse Bailey

    These people rule. Fact. Also – Why wasn’t I invited? I feel slighted. . . even though I have no idea who they are, and I was busy that day. . . but still – an invitation would have been nice. It’s the *gesture,* people.

  • Vicky Ramirez

    this is so wonderful! actually brought tears to my eyes :”)

  • Life Lessons

    I wholeheartedly approve!! Joyous life to you both!!!!!

  • Mandy Threlfo

    Maybe I should share with the mary sue know of our vows, my husband and I had the geekiest vows. 

  • Kellan Potts

    Sorry, the invitation must have been lost in the mail. Katie and I would have loved for you to be there! lol