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Steven Moffat Gives Details On New Female Doctor Who Character

We were previously told “someone from the Doctor’s past” would have a starring role in the Doctor Who Christmas special. The possibilities of who that could be had us very excited but now showrunner Steven Moffat has narrowed it down a bit. Plus, he previewed how Matt Smith’s regeneration will differ from David Tennant’s

Orla Brady will be playing said character, who is also described as having the plot of the episode revolve around her. Fans were quick to guess (and hope) Brady’s character would turn out to be Jenny, The Rani, or even Romana. We shouldn’t have gotten our hopes up. After all, Moffat is the one who previously said of Romana pre-50th anniversary, “I have actually given no thought at all to Romana…The Time Lords are dead in my mind. They died.”

Anyway, in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine he clarified this comments on Brady’s character, ”The Doctor meets an old friend. Someone from his distant past. Someone who knows him very well, but whom we have never met. She’s the Mother Superious of the Papal Mainframe.”

So she’s an entirely new character to viewers but not the Doctor. Brady herself told Den of Geek, “there is a twist, it’s as Steven Moffat said, she’s a descendant of humans, there’s a grandmother or a great-grandmother who was from elsewhere, a touch of something else in her.”

Meanwhile, although Moffat is confusing everyone each time he opens his mouth about regeneration numbers, we at least know the tone of the upcoming Smith to Peter Capaldi change. He told SFX magazine regeneration “would feel not like death, but something quite mortifying,” adding, “I think that’s what contemplating regeneration must be like for the Doctor. So there’s an element of that, but because it was played that way the last time we wouldn’t play it the same way this time – that would just be wrong.”

So we don’t know exactly what it will be like but we know it won’t be the same, sad goodbye as Tennant. Though he did say there would be a lot of humor, at least early on, in the Christmas special.

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  • Anonymous

    What will Smith’s regeneration be like? Like he opened the Ark of the Covenant. Melting face Smith for the win!

  • StarbaseUGC

    So, then shes the descendant of Susan Foreman then…

  • Anonymous

    My first bet is that the “humor” of the episode will be 11 being treated like Clara’s boyfriend and oh the hilarity and hijinks of pretending to be a couple! *zzzzz*

    (This guess is based off of the BBC Christmas programming ad)

  • Teamugs

    I really like how Tasha Lem (the character described in the article) looks. If nothing else she will be a great addition to the Doctor Who Characters to Cosplay line up.

  • Pochy

    I think should be this. he defeats all his enemies at the cost of his life. He then faints and closes his eyes. He is taken back to his tardis. Then goes through some montage. Then he changes (maybe even without the yellow glow) peacefully into capaldi. Then, a day later, we see the new doctor in a hospital gurney. Clara says “Doctor” and capaldi says “Who?”

  • Lady Commentariat

    Oh, for a change, you mean!

  • Anonymous

    It’s Madame Kovarian.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I love how Moffat can give us information without revealing anything at the same time XD

  • locuas

    so we now know…that we don’t know anything…thanks Steven…

  • kbroxmysox

    Ergh I really hope it isn’t Clara forcing the Doctor to go with her because “I can’t show up without a man again!”…And more of an excuse on why she spends so much time with the Doctor.

  • Robin S

    I would really dearly love to see the Doctor regenerate by choice. I think that would be super interesting. Doesn’t look like we’re going to get that, though!

    I also hope this woman from the Doctor’s past is someone he actually remembers. We did the whole ‘she knows things about him and he doesn’t know anything about her’ thing with RIver.

  • Anonymous

    A descendant of Donna Noble wouldn’t be bad, either.

  • locuas

    or susan’s MOTHER.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still wondering if Alex Campbell (Susan’s half-human son with David Campbell) is now canon.

    Alex *did* adventure with Doc and Lucie Miller in the audio dramas. And it seems like the audio dramas are now canon, since Eight remembered his companions (including Lucie) as he was dying in Night of the Doctor.

  • Anonymous

    She’s the Doctor’s mom. The rest of the story degenerates (regenerates?) into the plot of Back to the Future.

  • Anonymous

    *Is* Susan. She was there for his first incarnation, surely she should be there for (what should be, according to the regeneration cycle) his last?

    (Yes, this is entirely wishful thinking on my part. But what a nice way to round out the 50th year?)

  • Anonymous

    Based on nothing but the presence of a Monoid in the pictures, what if she is a descendant of those that traveled on the Ark?

  • Roberta

    I really doubt Clara would need to show up with a man just to avoid the stares of pity from her family. I am hoping that she just invited the Doctor to Christmas dinner because he doesn’t have plans.

  • Roberta

    I really doubt Clara would need to show up with a man just to avoid the stares of pity from her family. I am hoping that she just invited the Doctor to Christmas dinner because he doesn’t have plans.

  • Tallulah Alice Mae

    Nine kinda regenerated by choice…

  • Anonymous

    You could, perhaps, make an argument that the War Doctor regenerated by choice, since we see him begin to regenerate into Nine at the end of the Day of the Doctor.

    Other than that?

    One regenerated into Two due to finally dying of old age (“This old body is wearing a bit thin…”)

    Two regenerated into Three because the Time Lords sentenced him to lose a regeneration at the same time they exiled him to Earth.

    Three regenerated into Four because he was killed by giant spiders on Metebelis III.

    Four regenerated into Five because he died of a fall from a radio telescope.

    Five regenerated into Six because he was poisoned with spectrox and gave the cure to his companion, to save her life.

    Six regenerated into Seven because his TARDIS crashed into the Rani’s.

    Seven regenerated into Eight because Grace Holloway didn’t listen to him and tried to operate on a gunshot wound anyway.

    Eight regenerated into the War Doctor because he was aboard a ship that crashed onto Karn.

    Nine regenerated into Ten because he was being torn apart from within by the temporal energy he absorbed to save Rose.

    Ten regenerated due to being shot by a Dalek, but cheated and expelled the energy after it finished healing him, before letting it run rampant and burn him out.

    Ten regenerated again due to radiation poisoning, having saved Wilfred, and didn’t get to cheat this time.

  • Anonymous

    I know right since going alone isn’t a better choice then going with the crazy lunatic who dates crazy people and blabbering on about unknown alien languages and cultures, what happened Clara did the crazy conspiracy guy you usually take on dates cancel on you again?

  • Anonymous

    She’s the lovebaby of The Doctor and Counselor Troi, that’s right Ryker he got in there first loser!