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Pros and Cons

Minecraft Is Getting Its Own Lego Movie

The Creepers want tickets. They promise to be real quiet during the movie. Reeeal quiet.

Notch (Markus Persson) and Deadline have announced: Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to Minecraft, and are prepping an adaptation with Roy Lee and Jill Messick in producer chairs. Lee just finished shepherding a very successful Lego adaptation to screen.

So this is all pretty reasonable. Minecraft has about as much of a plot as Lego after all, and Warner Bros. managed to flesh that concept out sufficiently to make a genuinely enjoyable movie.

While there are many different ways to play Minecraft, and many different ways that players have found to play Minecraft, the standard core gameplay tends to be one with some similarities to Lego construction: amass various building materials, make anything your imagination can come up with. The key difference, I think, is that the Lego world is not populated with various terrifying monsters equipped with the ability to instantly destroy you or your creations. It makes creation in Minecraft as much about survival (and sometimes digging a hole and cowering within it until dawn) as creation. I’d love to see a hint of that in a Minecraft movie, though I admit it’s not exactly the most kid friendly of themes.

Which is not to say that there aren’t some incredibly hilarious things about the Minecraft setting.

Filmmakers might also have to jump the small hurdle the character avatars of Minecraft, which, while just as customizable, if not more, are generally less expressive and have a smaller range of movement than Lego minifigures, and the less finely detailed world. Contrasting with Lego, the base unit size of every block inMinecraft is half the size of its human figures.

The property already is getting huge interest from writers and filmmakers as Warners is putting together a live-action version.”

Wait. A live-action Minecraft? Are… are there going to be live-action creepers?

Are there going to be live-action endermen?

I don’t want to watch this movie any more.

(via Deadline.)

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  • locuas

    I would actually love if they go the Darker route and make a more…i don’t want to say serious…let’s say a non-comedic story. If only to make it different than the lego movie.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Between Creepers, Zombies, the ability to make a to scale life representation of the deathstar and the various playstyles available, i can see this being quite crazy XD

  • Anonymous

    I think the question most fans are asking is: “Will they include Herobrine? If so, will it be just a cameo? Or something deeper and more sinister?”

  • odango atama

    The climax is the End Dragon, but the BEST thing would be the Wither floats around as a terror that people have to take shelter against.

    I once made a Wither on singleplayer and only the trees slowed it down enough for me to kill it. Lost my house.

  • odango atama

    And then, since it’s going to be live-action, can’t you just see real people karate chopping blocks? You know what I mean.

  • Ender1200

    I can’t see how this is going to work a Live action.
    The things that set minecraft apart are coming from the fact that it’s a cube based virtual world with it’s own set of rules. The “realism” that will come off with live action will pretty much come at the expance of what makes mincraft minecraft.

    Also the film will be kid friendly, (PG13 at max) a lot of the people who play the game are kids. It would be a dumb desicion to bar the movie from a major portion of the fanbase.