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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Today in things that make us scream incoherently

Oh Nothing, Just Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark, Stabbing a Red Wedding Cake With a Sword

The event: The UK Game of Thrones season three DVD/Blu-ray release party. The cake: By Choccywoccydoodah. The emotion: Courtesy of Maisie Williams showing what she thinks of the Red Wedding by stabbing the cake with a sword.  It’s so funny, why am I crying?

Hit the jump for a few more shots of this confectionary embodiment of pain and misery (but it sure looks tasty!).

“The daggers, swords and arrows were all created from chocolate, plunged into the cake and chocolate, revealing weeping bloody wounds,” said Choccywoccydoodah founder Christine Taylor. Stahp.

(via Digital Spy, photos by REX: Jonathan Hordle)

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  • Anonymous

    I vant to eat that chocolate. Mwah ah ah.

  • Vian Lawson

    That is the best wedding cake I have seen since the Miss Haversham cake made by the Hotham Street Ladies. Next time I get married, I will have a decision to make, clearly.

  • Not So Young Democrat

    Arya doesn’t seem too broken up about her family being murdered

  • Madeleine Odowichuk

    Something about making a Game of Thrones-themed wedding seems… wrong. I’d have bodyguards everywhere, taste-testers for the bride and groom, and still be paranoid.

  • Anonymous

    George R.R. Martin himself had a vaguely Song of Ice and Fire themed wedding. He insists no one died, though.