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SDCC Shows Us Avatar’s Korra, and A New Friend

How do you replace a giant, fuzzy air bison? With a giant, fuzzy polar dog.

Yip yip? This one goes WOOF WOOF. (I will stop now.)

Legend of Korra starts in 2012? TOO FAR.

(Image is Nickelodeon’s limited edition poster being sold at their booth, via Narrative Priorities)


  • nmlop

    I am so excited for Korra!! Not to mention: POLAR DOG!

    I was skeptical about watching Avatar. Then my friend said, “There is a giant flying six-legged sky bison.” Then I watched the whole series in about 2 weeks. MORE AWESOME ANIMALS, PLEASE.

    I hope that we see more of that SUPER AMAZING armadillo lion!

  • Bel

    This looks amazing.

  • Komiyan

    Oh my god I have never wanted to hug anything more

  • Rosalind Casey
  • Frodo Baggins

    Really? Platypus-bear? That’s why you watched the show?

  • Frodo Baggins

    That art looks fantastic compared to the original series. Just a promotional image, I take it? Not representative of the new look?

  • Anonymous

    Obviously not. Turtleducks all the Way! The Firelord agrees :P

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with the art from the original series? It was pretty damn awesome imo. 

  • Christine Mooers

    And will we finally be getting decent female action figures???

  • Nick Gaston

    Ha! Good luck…they’ll be running variant costumes of supporting characters before they put out female Korra figures, including Korra herself. Hell, fifty quatloos says they’ll make figures of dead characters first—probably dead characters as corpses.

  • Nick Gaston

    Holy Molossus! 

  • Anonymous

    Let the relentless fangirl squeeing commence!


  • Anonymous

    We BETTER! Fans were hacked off enough when Mattel never released any Katara or Azula action figures.

    They’ll miss out BIG TIME if they don’t release Korra action figures!

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully, but sadly experience says they hate women more than they like money.

  • Komiyan

    No Tophs either! I would’ve loved to have a Toph to sit on my desk, being awesome.

  • Colin Mc Caughan

    Polar BEAR dog at that. Not only can she ride it, it can crush your skull with its jaws. People respect that. :-)

  • Life Lessons

    OH I am so looking forward to this!!! And yes the flying bison was great! I wanted to pet one soooo bad!!! 

  • nmlop

    Platypus-bear? What? Am I missing a joke?

    As much as I love platypus-bears, I meant I *started* watching because of Appa. I kept watching because the show is AWESOME.

  • Eric Bazilio

    Beautiful art. Terrible pun.

  • Anonymous

    Right, can’t forget Toph! Even if Mattel did.

    Are you reading hits, Mattel?

  • Valiero

    guys guys guys! now in video form! :