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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

she blinded me with science

Woman Turns Gross Petri Dishes Into Beautiful Abstract Art

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Amazing things happen in petri dishes, I know, but even the name sounds gross to me (Sorry, Julius). But artist Klari Reis made me look at them in a different light. “The Daily Dish 2013” is another go at her project from back in 2009, one new work of art a day. According to Science Friday, “Reis works under controlled temperature and humidity conditions, painting forms inspired by microbiology onto a lab bench staple…[her] paint is actually a two-part epoxy polymer, colored with industrial dyes.” They say she got the inspiration for the project 10 years ago when diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. While hospitalized, she was allowed to look at her own cells through a microscope. Each petri takes a few weeks to create, and get this, when she reveals her work in installations, she calls it “Hypochondria.” Take a look at just a fraction of the artistry she’s created so far this year.

(via This Is Colossal)

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  • Anonymous

    Everytime I see the words “petri dish” it reminds me of that episode of the X-Files where Scully & Mulder posed as a married couple and Mulder introduced them as “Rob and Laura Petri”.
    Also, ooooh, pretty!

  • yumen957

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I adore that episode.

  • Stephen

    These are stunning. I feel like Commander Shepard browsing the galaxy map on the Normandy.