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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Cat With The Least Dignity of the Day

Says BrandonDavis2010,

We had a small kitten that fell and got trapped in a small pipe at the fire station and we used a leaf blower to blow it out of the pipe from the other side of the building….. No kittens were harmed in the making of this video ….

There has never been a video on the internet that could benefit more from a few seconds of slow motion. And also a few reassuring seconds of someone comforting the kitteh.

(via CubicleBot.)


  • Jenni Hill

    “And also a few reassuring seconds of someone comforting the kitteh.” I agree! :-(

  • Anonymous


  • Mar Quintana

    What I don’t really like about this video is the video itself. I mean, for some reason it seems like they were going to upload the video to the internet, whatever happened.. >__<

  • Mary Vice

    This is too funny!

  • Hary Ayala

    if that were so, they would have made a decent video…

    camera kept moving and stuff.

  • Kim Galinis Hinrichs

    Rather disturbing that they kept turning the leaf blower on after he was out of the pipe… were they trying to frighten the poor thing more?

  • Lynda

    Most likely the folks at the other end didn’t know he was out of the pipe.

  • Jim Carroll

    @Kim I suspect the reason for leaving the blower on post-expulsion is in part due to not wanting the kitten to accidentally fall back in, and the fact that the folks operating the blower didn’t have the benefit of a direct view of the situation, ie, they would only be able to take action based on what someone told them. Shrieks of joy/laughter don’t necessarily equate to “the kitteh is out, repeat, the kitteh is out”. ;-)

  • Ema

    Poor kitten, it was screaming.. More than likely traumatized for life. Thank god they got it out though.