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WB’s Greg Silverman Skirts Around Wonder Woman Rumors, Talks Newt Scamander

With Batman vs. Superman edging closer to reality, many comics fans have started to speculate as to whether Wonder Woman will make an appearance in the new DC film. Variety asked Greg Silverman, Warner Bros.’ president of creative development and worldwide production, about the possibility of Wonder Woman and other DC comics heroes joining the movie, and, well, he didn’t say no.

Silverman told Variety:

“We have been doing a lot of thinking for years about how to best use all those characters and we love them. Wonder Woman is an amazing character. I think it’s a great opportunity both for box office success, but also to have an amazingly powerful female superhero.”

He also said that Warner Bros. is “taking it all very seriously” and that “everything that has been speculated are things that we’ve thought about.” Basically, it might happen. The studio has heard your cries for a Wonder Woman film appearance and they’ve responded…by thinking really hard about it. Well, it’s better than nothing.

Silverman was also rather vague about Batman vs. Superman generally. This is all he could say about the plot:

“They both will be wearing suits, there are capes involved, there will be action, there will be excitement.”

Thanks, Greg. I’d really been tearing my hair out over whether or not there would be capes involved. In all seriousness, it’s not surprising that the studio can’t tell us much about such a highly anticipated film that is just beginning production. The more they keep the details under wraps, the more fans will jump at teasers and promotional materials. We’re just going to have to spend our time wondering exactly how Ben Affleck, a football stadium, Henry Cavill, David Goyer, and possibly-not-Wonder-Woman fit together. I’m just picturing the two heroes having a contest to see whose cape billows more dramatically.

The last project that Silverman discussed was J.K. Rowling‘s new Harry Potter universe film, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. He said of the project, “We have decided as a company that we are going to support J.K. Rowling in her artistic endeavors,” and that Rowling doesn’t have a script deadline even though most other writers do. What I choose to gather from this is that a. J.K. Rowling is a queen and has Warner Bros. wrapped around her little finger and b. this movie is going to be awesome. It’s bursting with possibility for a whole Harry Potter expanded universe with Rowing at the helm, and I am here for that.

So, Wonder Woman’s a possibility, Batman and Superman will keep their capes, and J.K. Rowling is one powerful lady. Things are looking tentatively up for new Warner Bros. projects. I’m even not worrying so much about Batfleck anymore.

(via: DC Women Kicking Ass)

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  • Anonymous

    I really hope Wonder Woman will make an appearance on the big screen one day and I really hope that when she does, Zach Snyder won’t be the director.

    It’s really annoying that WB would sign Christopher Nolan to help solving their superhero problems, and then ask the filmmaker in Hollywood who is the furthest from him to make those films.

  • TKS

    “Not a No, but not a yes.” Lot of that going around. Maybe there’s some sort of bug going around the offices of DC and Marvel?

    Remember, people, elbow sneeze. Elbow sneeze.

  • Anonymous

    You know, I saw Iron Man 3, same as a everyone else, and I really didn’t think that Pepper Potts was as big of a deal as people made it seem.

  • Anonymous

    Can they ask Rowling to take a stab at a Wonder Woman script?

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I am almost certain that even if theey decide to include Wonder Woman and even if they have top talent playing her for the film, nobody will know anything about it until the movie airs since it would be such a big twist. XD

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that’s the feel I got too. And then you have these people lauding Potts, but it just felt that I was being fed a line. You know? As for Jane Foster, well, she just wasn’t that interesting to me. The spunky second banana was more interesting. So was badass Norse Goddess (don’t recall her name).