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Will Batman vs. Superman Start Filming This Weekend?

Faster than a speeding bullet!

Or is it Superman vs. Batman? Either way, director Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel sequel may start filming sooner than we thought.

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The campus newspaper at East Los Angeles College reported earlier this weekend that film crews will transform their football field into Gotham City University Stadium for a short time on October 19. Filming will take place during the halftime of a real ELAC home game and student fans will get to form Gotham’s crowd. Talk about an incentive to come out and support your school. Maybe, instead of GO HUSKIES, people will bring signs that say things like IS THAT REALLY THE TITLE? and BEN AFFLECK WAS AN ODD CHOICE BUT I GUESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR’E DOING.

For ELAC, this type of occurrence isn’t as unusual as you might think. Ernest Burnett, the college’s event and venue coordinator, said:

“Our visibility among the film community is higher than a lot of schools and I have to give a lot of credit. The experiences of the people that have come and shot here are very good. Because students know the deal now, like they notice the production truck and then move on to class, it’s more common.”

So, it’s no big deal. Just your friendly neighborhood blockbuster film (wait – wrong superhero reference). The school newspaper seems confident that this is happening, so I’d say that it’s more than a rumor, but a little less than an official announcement. ELAC Campus News also reports that the first 2,000 spectators will receive free Gotham T-shirts and that prizes will be raffled off. As Burnett put it, “they wanted to support the school.” Man, can I go to this college?

The film is scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2015.

(via: Hollywood Reporter)

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