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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

she blinded me with science

Cancer, Asthma, Chicken: All Three Women Winners of Google’s Science Fair Explain Their Projects

In July, we brought you the story of Google’s first annual science fair, and how the winner in each age bracket (13-14, 15-16, 17-18) turned out to be a young lady, namely Lauren HodgeNaomi Shah, and Shree Bose. Lauren and Naomi were awarded $25,000 each in scholarship money and internships at Google and LEGO, while Shree received a $50k college scholarship, an internship at CERN and a trip to the Galapagos with National Geographic.

But what was their research about? Well, the title of this post is a hint, but you can hear them say it in their own words, in their own TED Talk below:

Thanks, Abby!

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  • Raina DaCosta

    This was inspiring to see.

  • Eric Stettmeier

    Hey, none of those Lego trophies are pink. Did Lego miss their own meeting?

  • Francesca M

    OMG I was just totally about to say that exact thing.

    I wonder if any of those girls handed them back because they weren’t “girl approved colors”

  • Amanda Allen

    I don’t really see why the whole audience laughs at some of her comments. “I read an article in a Doctor’s office” Are they laughing because she’s young and why is she reading at the Doctor’s?

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, this bothered me the entire time. She’s proved some amazing findings, and the entire audience is completely patronizing. The only reason they’re laughing is because they find it somehow odd that a young girl is as smart and articulate as this–for some reason, they can’t fathom a non-adult person speaking like this, and it is bothersome to me. Very distracting.

  • Aly Light

    I actually think they’re laughing because they don’t understand the concepts she’s rattling off so easily– it’s a sort of reflective embarrassment about their own ignorance by comparison to her knowledge. I say that based on their facial expressions, which seemed very encouraging, and very impressed.