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million dollar lady

Gina Carano Guest-Stars As A Killer Robot On The Next Almost Human

I’ve been really enjoying Fox’s new series Almost Human, starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy. It’s an interesting near-future take and has the most random humor, but I’m concerned for its future considering I don’t see too many others talking about it. That being said, the badass known as Gina Carano is going to be guest-starring soon and they aren’t even promoting her appearance in the promos. I am a little wary about the one outfit she’s shown in here but I’m looking forward to seeing her in action again.

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  • Ian Fay

    Oh thank goodness.

    I thought it was her in the promo and I thought I was going crazy.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Right? Like, how do you NOT name drop her in the promo? So weird.

  • Lisa Liscoumb

    My husband and I love Almost Human. It’s a very nice blend of police procedural and SF show and I love the humour. My only complaint is that I don’t like Minka Kelly’s character and I really wish they’d stop trying to play up a potential romance between her and Karl Urban’s character.

    I think what really works with me for the series is that they’re playing as a cop series where one of the partners just happens to be an android. AlieNation (the TV show, that is) also did this very well – it was a cop show where one of the the partners just happened to be an alien – come to think of it, there are a lot of parallels between the two.

  • Anonymous

    A “killer robot” is pretty much the perfect part for Gina. And I’m not saying that to be mean. I like her. But her skill is her fighting . It’s not her acting. She has very limited emotional range even in conversation. So this is probably great for her.

  • Gina Truitt

    I feel like Fox is mishandling this in a whole host of ways. From showing the episodes out of order to the weird hiatuses and bad promoting, it’s almost like they want the show to fail.
    I still love it, I’m just really worried about it getting another season.

  • SCP3

    I hadn’t watched the promo carefully, so I would never have known it was her.

    Chalk it up as another example of Fox not knowing how to handle this show, which is a shame because I’m liking this show a lot more than I thought I would.

  • Unity

    Oh thank Mulder, finally a female android who isn’t a sexbot. Unless she’s a sexbot.

    Don’t be a sexbot, Gina, please? It’s the only thing harshing my love for this show.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree more. I *really* like this show, but they are sabotaging any chance of it gaining fandom and a solid audience. Then it will be, “Well, apparently nobody wants to watch a show like this…” when, in actuality, that is not the truth at all.

  • Kryptoknight

    I came into the show late, I watched the first episode On Demand one night because I was bored and caught up on other shows. I was hooked right away. I devoured episodes 2,3,4, and five that same night and have been DVRing them ever since.
    The characters are great and the acting (for the most part) are awesome. I love the world they’ve created. The tech is amazing, often creepy and though it is advanced it usually doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. (Dorian is a bit of a stretch here. It’s hard to buy an android whose emotions are so very human for some reason, but he’s still a great character.)

  • Kryptoknight

    You know of course that it will turn out that she was originally a sexbot that was repurposed. :)
    I’d like to see some more female androids as well, there are certainly any number of other fields that could benefit from them. On a similar note, it bothers me that all the police androids are all male and that the male androids can only be police?
    Surely there would be call for male androids elsewhere as well. Does that big sexbot industry they told us of only contain female models?

  • Rachel

    I have the same worries for the show’s future. My fiance and I are both hooked on “Almost Human.”

  • Carol Drysdale

    There was one male model in the sexbot showroom. Which doesn’t even put a dent into the “all female robots=sexbots”, “all male robots=police/military” dichotemy they have going on.
    The sexbots episode was seriously, seriously squirm-inducing for me. Never before have I been afraid of being kidnapped and murdered so that a sex doll can wear my skin. Guh.

  • Carol Drysdale

    Showing episodes out of order, long hiatuses, Fox mishandling a beloved sci-fi property . . . I’m getting this weird feeling of deja-vu.

  • Suzanne Larsen

    If it makes you feel better, I’ve gotten at least 5 other people to watch the show. And a few more have signed on to borrow my dvd when it comes out *laugh*
    But yeah you know Fox is under-promoting this show when some of my die-hard Karl Urban fanatic friends had never even heard of it.
    Don’t make me add this to my “Damn you, Fox!” board, Fox.

  • Anonymous

    Right!? More than anything though, I want to know what her job is! So she interviews people, so I thought maybe she was a staff psychologist, but then she carries a side arm, also she does research, and she’ll occasionally go out i the field, but she doesn’t have her own cases… She’s not a detective, or CSI, or commanding office… It bugs me every episode.

    Other then that though, I’m loving the show :)

  • Anonymous

    Still heartbroken over the fact that she does not become Wonder Woman!

  • larksong4

    It is great to finally see a review of this show and read the comments of support for it. The writing is sharp and funny in a way I wish Agents of Shield would be. Urban’s character for me evokes Dean in Supernatural.

    And I know the quirky tech head is a cliche but I do think Almost Human has chosen one with a bit of acting class.

    With reference to all the police bots being male, I kind of think that if you are producing bots then efficiency of production would dictate that they are generic. Also I can imagine the writers would have been wary of allowing the leeway for any production of sex dolls in blue uniforms.

    While I’m here (I hope this is ok and not considered really rude) and on an entirely different subject, re The Hobbit part one, why couldn’t the eagles fly the dwarves and Frodo directly to the mountain instead of dropping them off just outside the dreadful MirkWood. For that matter why couldn’t Gandalf just give the eagles the ring and tell them to drop it into the volcano?

  • Unity

    “With reference to all the police bots being male, I kind of think that if you are producing bots then efficiency of production would dictate that they are generic. ”

    That makes sense, if you’re happy assuming that male = default and is therefore the automatic generic choice. I’m reeeeally hoping we’ll have moved past that by 2040. There are at least three different MX ‘faces’- if they’ve made that much differentiation then a female MX isn’t such a stretch.

  • Lisa Liscoumb

    You know, Ciella, I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe that’s why the character annoys me so much – I don’t know what her role is either.

    One of the things I loved about Dredd (another great Karl Urban role) was that they absolutely did not try to have any sort of romance, or even sexual tension, between the two main characters. They were partners, and that was it. All too often these day, if a man and woman’s characters work together on a TV show inevitably there has to be sexual tension between the two of them. All the CSI shows did it, Law and Order SVU did it, NCIS did it. I’m excluding Castle from the group,as that is one of the main plot points of the series, and has always been a factor in the series.

  • Anonymous

    Because outside of certain circles on the web, I just don’t think people care about her that much. I know that sounds harsh. But she’s just not that popular that she would have name recognition to people.
    I’m just not sure she has a real future as an actress. ::runs from tomatoes.::

  • Anonymous

    The sexbot episode was so intensely creepy and misogynistic to me that it turned me completely off the show. I honestly just have no interest in it now.

  • Anonymous

    I love Dredd so much. I honestly didn’t expect to, but I watched it so many times, it’s so good. It breaks all kind of tropes, has multiple female characters (three of which are judges, one of which out ranks Dredd) and passes the Bechdel test multiple times. Easily one of my favorites.

  • Lisa Liscoumb

    And the villian was a female as well – a psycho crazy female, but still! I loved Lena Headey in the role.

  • larksong4

    Thanks for that really good point about male as default. It started me thinking how cool it would be if androgyny was the default.

  • HB

    Thank you for this promo! How is that you have it and Fox’s Almost Human site doesn’t? I adore this show and was hugely disappointed to find that we have another hiatus to endure! It’s been a long time since a new show hooked me.

    The humor and connection between Dorian and Kennex is wonderful. I agree about the love interest. They created a character that has no real purpose and is far too perfect. I usually enjoy a love interest, but it’s not needed in this show. Perhaps if she was a little quirky or shy or just not a model.

    I, too, worry about the show’s future. The good news is that the show was just nominated for outstanding Visual Effects and I have seen it listed under popular clips, episodes, and shows on Hulu. I don’t usually leave comments, but you are right that more people need to talk about it!

    As for the episodes being out of order, I have not been able to see how it has harmed the show. I would have never known if I hadn’t read it on the web.

    Thanks again for the clip. I am delighted to see John Larroquette as well a return to the overarching plot of the show. But how will I wait 3 weeks????

  • Anonymous

    I was actually just thinking earlier today about how I keep meaning to watch this show and haven’t gotten around to it. I’m not much of a TV watcher but have suddenly found myself with four shows I’m watching right now (Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, AoS and Reign – it’s a good time for geeky tv, eh?), which kind of cuts down on the interest of adding another. I’ll put it back on the list though!