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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Good News Everyone!

ElfQuest Adaptation Has New Life As Indie Producers Acquire Film Rights

Fans of the ElfQuest comic have been waiting for a film adaptation oh, just about forever. Warner Bros. was close to making it happen but the job has now passed to two indie producers who have a history with the series. 

Variety reported the news but we also received a separate press release as well as a statement from those involved.

Variety writes, “ElfQuest may be headed for the big screen with producers Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes acquiring movie rights to the 35-year old comic book series by Wendy and Richard Pini.”

You may remember Thorpe and Rhodes’ work on the “ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining” short (embedded below). Marvel and DC have both published ElfQuest stories in the past and BoingBoing has been giving us new stories recently which can also be found on

“Fans of ElfQuest helped make our trailer possible, so it was wonderful to get to announce this next step,” Thorpe told us. “It’s been a magical journey for both of us these past 2 years–it was about this time almost exactly 2 years ago that Paula and I learned–via twitter–that we both loved ElfQuest, and soon after we decided to make the trailer together.”

Wendy Pini said via the press release, “Paula Rhodes and Stephanie Thorpe more than proved themselves to us with their award-winning ‘ElfQuest – a Fan Imagining.’ With their deep love and understanding of the property, they represent a new direction for ElfQuest… new creative energy and new connections in the larger media.”

Are you happy the project is still moving forward?

(via Variety)

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  • Captain ZADL

    I am VERY interested! My very first con of any kind was a trip to Akron Ohio to meet Richard Pini. I was still a kid, and Elfquest was just moving into the teens of issues. I got his autograph on both my Volume 1 and Volume 2 original color books… good times.

  • Charlotte Heatherley

    I’m so excited —- been waiting since Mid ’80′s to see this movie :) I was hooked on ElfQuest after the 1st page I read.

  • Eliina Vasanoja

    Personally I wasn’t a fan of that fan trailer, but maybe with a budget, they can make it work. I just hope that the film – or at least the elves – will be animated. But that’s just me…

  • Anonymous

    The trailer was amazing, just saw it. Please, please tell me this is a reality somehow? Been a fan since I was 12, entirely too long ago

  • ShifterCat

    ElfQuest was one of the things that got me into reading comics, so I’d love to see an adaptation that did it justice.

    I can’t help but notice the lack of male elves in the trailer. Perhaps they had trouble finding men who were pretty enough?

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    Couldn’t be worse than what Nelvana was set to do with it.