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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Folks Planning to Make Doctor Who Fan Film of the Time War Have Their Work Cut Out For Them

One of the major changes of the 2005 return of the Doctor Who series was the idea of the Time War. The Doctor was now the last of his race, after imprisoning the Time Lords and their mortal enemies the Daleks in a bubble of time in an effort to keep their war from destroying the universe. The precise details of the Time War, however, have been shrouded in the Doctor’s characteristic secretiveness and distractibility. TARDISELLIOT Productions seeks to tell the story… using stock footage from actual Doctor Who canon, including the 1996 Doctor Who movie (featuring the Eighth Doctor), and a number of different seasons of the rebooted series (prominently featuring the Ninth Doctor and Timothy Dalton‘s Rassilon). It seems like a pretty complicated undertaking, even with voice actors redubbing over characters. Watch another trailer for it below:

(via Blastr.)


  • Anonymous

    Very happy to hear a snipped from Eight’s audio plays there. They’re wonderful, and even though Big Finish isn’t allowed to actually do anything with the time war, they do manage to get little references in.

    There’s also this person attempting a fan-comic.

  • sam elliot

    I’ve just cast an amazing voice artist for the Eighth Doctor. As part of that deal I’ve promise to not use Big Finish material.
    Which meals that the dialogue will be 100% original :)

  • sam elliot

    just so u know theres a new trailer out :)