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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Disney Princesses Wearing Pop-Culture Halloween Costumes

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Isaiah Stephens decided he wanted to do a series of Disney women dressed as other characters for Halloween. Before seeing the images, I thought it sounded like a fun idea. After seeing them? *FLAIL DROOL GUH* Yeah. Take a look at the ones he’s put together so far.

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  • Charlie

    These are all really cool. At first I thought Ariel was doing a boobs and butt pose on the thumbnail, glad I was wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Def love the Mulan/Xena one :D

  • athenia45

    I love this so much it’s not even funny.

  • KA

    I love it!

  • Erin Macdonald

    Loving all of these! Mulan and Pocahontas are my favourites. Swoon!

  • Anonymous

    I love those two as well.

  • Anonymous

    Me too, that’s my favorite.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty amazing how the artist has managed to do it well enough that you can recognise who it is AND who it is meant to be!

  • Anonymous

    Oh hey! Pocahontas as Katniss means Katniss is closer to the heritage she was probably meant to be in the first place! *runs away*

  • Anonymous

    I thought Katniss was supposed to be basically as they shown her. West Virginian coal miners. It was people complaining about the two black tributes (their names escape me) that showed up people not paying attention to the book.

  • ScarletRegina

    Mulan/Xena and Rapunzel/Sailor Moon are the best.

  • Anonymous

    I might have read some social cometary into THG that Collins didn’t intend (not shocking, she put plenty of social commentary in there to begin with!) based on the differences in the populations of The Seam vs. The Town and how Katniss, her dad, and Gale looked vs. her mom, Prim, ect. I pictured the people of the Seam, and Katniss especially, as having ambiguously-mixed ancestry, probably Native American.

  • Anonymous

    I always saw Katniss as white (her description basically fits Mediterranean-European looks), but Pocohontas-Katniss is an image that could also have worked for her.

    But I had my fingers crossed for them picking Jennifer Lawrence literally the instant I heard they were making a Hunger Games film (due to her performance in Winter’s Bone), so I am making zero complaints about the casting.

  • Victoria McNally


  • Annie

    Belle would totally dress up as Hermione, these are great!

  • Anonymous

    Ariel/Black Widow just ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashe

    Shh, don’t bring up that Katniss should’ve been played by a POC! It’ll make poor readers upset!

  • menunu

    Am I the only one who thinks the proportions on Ariel are terrible?

  • Roderick T Faulkner

    These are great, but where are the princesses of color like Tiana and Jasmine?

  • Mina

    Well, yes, a couple more could be included. But it bears mention that Pocahontas and Mulan are not white.

  • Mina

    Yeah, same. She has dark hair and olive skin, but her sister is fair and blonde, so I imagined she was tan but white.

  • Anonymous

    I read it that she just wasn’t fair skinned. I thought she was supposed to have some coloring.

    NOTE: Jennifer Lawrence was still amazing in the role-I won’t dispute that.

  • Anonymous

    Snow White/Wonder Woman was a little…unexpected. Other than that, these are awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so in love with this I cannot… I cannot…which is my favorite? I don’t know- but they are all so…*brain short circuits*

  • Anonymous

    I think, its possible, it could be both. Sometimes writers create with ambiguity so that we can create in our mind the way we want something to be. Thus all the argument.

  • Ashe

    Mmm. I hear this A LOT as to why Katniss must be white and I’m living proof that reasoning doesn’t hold water.

    I’m biracial, my brother is multiracial and we are quite literally Katniss and Primrose (I’m olive-skinned and dark-haired, my brother is lighter and blonde). We’re still blood siblings.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for commenting. I was about to say that yeah, Katniss had to be white because blondeness (as in Prim) is recessive, so it’s good to be reminded that genetics is a bit more complicated than that.

  • Ashe

    Yeah. There are even kids with monoracial parents who wind up looking like another race entirely because they picked up genetics from grandparents or great-grandparents. Or, like you said, got a recessive gene that decided to pop up.

    I wish there were more recognition of these sorts of families in media.

  • Mina

    Yeah, fair point. That can definitely happen. I think it was left ambiguous enough that people can be somewhat excused for picturing her as white (though not as a pale white), but I can also see an argument that she would be at least partly some other race. Even though I imagined her as white, I wouldn’t at all have minded if the films had cast a minority actress in the role for precisely that reason.

  • Anonymous

    Came to the comments to say the exact same thing. The Mulan/Xena is awesome.

  • Ervhi Quinn

    I love the Pocahontas/ Katniss attire.
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  • Anonymous

    If you click on the artist name in the little blurb under the pics, it takes you to his Tumblr and the first 3 pics that pop up are pics of Merida, Tiana, and Jasmine. Jasmine is now my fave out of all these.

  • Anonymous

    Son of a biscuit! They are amazing! :)

  • Valeria Jones

    You left out Jasmine as Chun-Li , Tiana as Katara, and Merida as Rogue. Check out all of them here:

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Nope, they weren’t posted on his tumblr at the time we posted these. :)

  • Alyson L

    why does Rapunzel/Sailor Moon look drunk?

  • Rye Syed

    I like the combination of Ariel’s red hair and black widow’s body suit.

    face painting kids
    orange county

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, you called that one :)

  • DasWolli

    Brilliant, just brilliant. Especially Mulan/Xena. X3 <3

  • delia

    i figured she looked mediteranean as well, but the med is not necessarily european. white people have a tendency to only mean italy, greece and spain when we refer to that area, but that look and those cultures include greece, turkey, lebanon, egypt, and morocco as well as italy and spain, among others. i’m not wild about a group decision to forget/ignore so many of those countries in favor of whiteness. these countries have more in common with each other when it comes to history, food, culture etc than they do with europe or other parts of the world. all of those countries have a mix of physical traits, but it’s worth noting that historically, europeans and white people as a collective have only claimed those countries as white and part of europe when it suited their needs (eg greece was white/europe when democracy invented, but wasnt when it was embroiled in civil war. turkey was demoted out of europe when it was politically less powerful, post “sick man of europe” status. egypt, similarly, is not considered white now or for most of its history but back in the day historians claimed the pharoahs were white and tried to link them to europe due to how advanced that civilization was.) meanwhile, none of this has much to do with the actual physical appearance of the people who live there. whiteness has historically been awarded as a prize and a way of claiming everything good or smart anyone has ever done, while ignoring physical and cultural realities.

  • Tharkon

    How are those Halloween costumes, nothing scary about them.

  • delia

    i actually wasn’t talking about what greeks consider themselves. the definition of europe has shifted greatly throughout its existence. there was a lot of pushback when greece joined the eu and later the eurozone, and threats to kick it out now. regardless, my point was that when lot of people hear “Mediterranean” they decide it means tan, white europeans, and ignore all else.