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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

what is this I don't even

Disney is Making a High School Drama Show About the Kids of its Most Famous Villains

TV movie Descendants will revolve around the offspring of the main characters of Beauty and the Beast, CinderellaSleeping Beauty, Tangled, and Mulan, heading into prep school with the new kids: four children descended from Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, the Evil Queen (Snow White), and Jafar.

Let me repeat: Disney is making a high school AU based on the children of their most famous characters. And you better believe that if it does well it’ll become a spinoff series.

I have so many questions.

The new regent of the kingdom in which this takes place is the child of “King and Queen from “Beauty and the Beast,” is he the son of Belle and the Beast, or is he the Beast, or is he, like, the Beast’s brother?

If he is the child of Belle and the Beast, how attractive is he going to be? Generic handsome, or “I feel kind of bad about how hot I think this animated teenager is” handsome? Will he and Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder’s kid be having smoulder-offs?

Apparently this takes place in a universe where all Disney villains, henchmen, and evil family members have been banished to an island. On a scale of one to Toon Town, how crazy is that island?

So I understand Carlos De Vil, but are Mal, Evvie, and Jay (children of Maleficent, Evil Queen, and Jafar, respectively) going to have some equally amazing last names?

How are we reconciling the temporal setting of 101 Dalmations with the various classical antiquity or historical era time periods of Mulan, Aladdin, or Sleeping Beauty? Are we making any effort to reconcile it at all?

Has Tumblr already decided I’ll be ‘shipping? No, it does not matter that we don’t know what gender Mal and Jay, nor any of the offspring of the “good” characters are.

Question time over. At the risk of repeating myself:

“We mined Disney’s treasure trove of stories and developed a new, comedic approach to the fabled characters everyone knows and loves,” said Disney Channels Worldwide prexy-chief creative officer. “The result is a modern and unexpected re-interpretation of classic heritage characters utilizing contemporary, relatable settings and themes.”

Disney is making a high school AU about their characters kids, and the core cast has a middle eastern character in it, if not additionally Hispanic/Latino or Chinese characters as well. Here is a dumb idea I can get unironically excited about.

(via Variety.)


  • Anonymous

    Good golly gumdrops, whether it’s good or bad this is going to be completely amazing to watch and I can’t wait!

  • sharmylae

    the internet will implode on itself and i will happily fall into the vortex with it. high school AUs are my favourite!

  • Anonymous

    Wait, does this fit in the same universe as ‘House of mouse’? because that makes the most sense for me.

  • Izzy

    I’m just imagining this as Disney Presents: Clone High.

  • eric bouchard

    Somewhere…my hearth aches for an HBO fables series…

  • Samma

    There are actually no words for how excited this makes me. And yes, I know it will be a train wreck. I’m so ready.

  • Anonymous

    I think so….remember House of Villains?

  • Anonymous

    Did you see the fake trailer for “Gotham High”?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    A Fables video game was released for 360 recently, I think

  • sharmylae

    my life is now 100% better for having done so.

  • Anonymous

    They did this with Sky High, so I think adding in the kids of our favorite villains will be Amahzing.

  • Anonymous

    They did this with Sky High, so I think adding in the kids of our favorite villains will be Amahzing.

  • locuas

    i think there is just one question everyone wants to answer is…can the bad guy from the black cauldron a teacher, please?

  • Anonymous

    This already exists as Ever After High. Just another example of Disney ripping off someone else’s idea. And I’m okay with that. The Avengers, Star Wars reboot, Frozen, Tangled are some recent example of why.

  • athenia45

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve heard all week!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh this is the most amazingly original thing I’ve ever heard of. Well, except for Ever After High, Equestria Girls, Monster High…. Ok, so maybe a little less “amazingly original” and a little more “rip-off-ingly derivative”. Of course to be fair, most of Disney’s stuff are adaptations. When was the last time they produced something that was entirely original? I’d say “Steamboat Willie”, but even Mickey was inspired by other works.

  • Nirali

    Carlos? Mal? Why do these names sound so familiar to those of us who spend time on tumblr?

  • Nirali

    They remake things and remake it well. I feel like that’s their unofficial slogan.

  • Gregory McIntyre

    honestly this more reminds me of the failed to launch tv series gotham high.

  • Anonymous

    If we’re going the “only one of every idea is ever allowed” thing then high school shows in general would have stopped after (I think) Welcome Back, Kotter. And for shows featuring storybook characters and their offspring, well, there’s always Once Upon a Time. And a long while back was a cheesy show called the Charmings, which dealt with Cindy, her prince, and their kids trying to integrate into the real world. I’m sure there are earlier examples, too.

    Or maybe it’s the idea of having two similarly-themed shows in production at the same time. Maybe Once Upon a Time, Grimm, and Sleepy Hollow can have a cage match to determine the winner. Or what about all the vampire shows? If you put THEM in a cage together and they’d smother each other from sheer numbers. Can we mention that Hollywood is so used to the concept of similar themes cropping up around the same time that they actually have a name for it? Copycat Syndrome. White House Down/Olympus Has Fallen. Armageddon/Deep Impact. Antz/A Bug’s Life. Just because the basic concepts are similar doesn’t mean they can’t both be interesting. Personally I’m just glad it isn’t another reboot of a reboot of a reboot because THAT is a trend in Hollywood I am getting tired of seeing.
    I realize there are people out there who will despise ANYTHING the second they hear the word “Disney,” but sheesh. I’m not a Disney groupie and there are a lot of things they do that frustrate me, but I’m not at the point where I can condemn a thing based on a vague premise. Even if I’ve seen other examples of the vague premise.

  • Anonymous

    Will it be animated?

    Also, will Chicken Little be in it? Because if Chicken Little is not in it, then what the fuck.

  • Ashley James

    Still cry when i imaging the scene when scar tosses mufassa off the cliff in lion king.

  • realinvalidname

    Announcer: “Descendants is shot on location in Traverse Town.”

  • Anonymous

    Man, remember OZ Kids? Re . . . remember OZ Kids? No?

  • Anonymous

    I thought of Monster High when I read this, too. Disney’s just jumping on a bandwagon

  • Anonymous

    The Charmings was Snow White. The Evil Queen was the hanger-on MIL. I remember watching it when I was a kid.

  • locuas

    the best part? there is a spanish webcomic that has a running joke of showing the disney princesses as teenagers going to highschool, so yeah, it is not even original for them to do it with stablished disney characters.

  • Robert Vary

    Seriously. I mean, the heroes’ kids, sure, they were all pretty much paired off at the end of their movies, but who are the OTHER parents of the villains’ kids? Who exactly was it that hooked up with Cruella, Jafar, and the Evil Queen? And did Maleficent’s “partner” survive the encounter? Or, as an evil fairy, does she even NEED a partner to procreate?

  • JustPlainSomething

    I read the Page Title “Disney Villains High School” in my head ala the Ramones

  • JustPlainSomething

    Anyone who gets pissy about this basic idea needs to remember that Disney is already doing this with Once Upon a Time and their whole throwing together every since character they have the rights to into one big universe. I’m not saying this will be good, but if you’re going to go there you might as well do something outrageously cracky and fanfiction au-y.

  • Zedith Starr

    Given that Mattel ALSO has a (web) show and toy line about the kids of famous fairy tale characters going to high school (many of which draw from the same fairy tales and novels that Disney has used), it’ll be interesting to compare the two shows. And there’s another smaller company that’s also got a toy line/web show about high school offspring of fairy tale characters (but they’ve got horrible makeup and tacky clothes so we don’t talk about them much).

    I wonder which story went into development first? Ever After High has been in development for at least one year. Maybe two or more – I’m not sure what the lead-time on Mattel’s toys is – for some Hasbro it’s a two-year process, I believe. But the trademarks for EAH character names started appearing last year, and a year or two before that, Mattel trademarked a bunch of school names. What with it being a spinoff of Monster High, it could have been planned around the same time as Monster High for all we know.

    But Disney’s been known to have things in development for decades before actually doing anything presentable with some of their ideas. So I wonder who actually came first and if one copied the other or if the ideas were independent invention? Because if one happens to step on the other’s toes, lawsuits will ensue. Both of those companies are known to be highly litigious….

  • Jason P.

    It must be set in whatever world “House of Mouse” was set in, since all the parental units were seen together on that show. That solves the temporal anomalies, at least.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Do they mean children or decendants? Because the great grandchild of Jafar sounds kinda plausible. Otherwise, magic island theory.

  • Anonymous

    Oops, you’re right. I remembered watching it as a kid, but clearly didn’t remember as much as I thought I did.

  • Your Face

    I’m mostly alarmed by the fact that not only are the villains imprisoned, but their henchmen, families, and even children are as well…? Is this North Korea?