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Disney Announces Their Own Streaming Network With Over 400 Titles

For a long time, there was a severe lack of Walt Disney Company titles on Netflix. Then slowly but surely, deals started being made and the classic animated films began popping up in my queue. I was very happy, as I’m sure others were. But today, Disney has announced their very own streaming service for a slew of titles launching with their latest hit, Frozen

“In a new deal with Apple, Disney Movies Anywhere goes live today exclusively through iTunes, kicking off with more than 400 Disney, Pixar and Marvel titles such as Iron Man 3, Finding Nemo and Mary Poppins,” writes Deadline, “The service allows users to browse, buy, manage and watch movies on PCs and iOS devices using an app or website.”

You may remember Disney making a deal with Netflix not too long ago for new Marvel Entertainment content. They also recently announced a move to finally get Star Wars titles, including the entire Star Wars: The Clone Wars saga (and its final episodes), on the paid service.

Disney previously had a digital presence with their Disney Movies Online, which closed its doors at the end of 2012. Disney Movies Anywhere, as this new service is called, is the next step. Disney home releases have come with digital download codes for a few years now and those will be redeemable on DMA. To help promote Disney Movies Anywhere, they are offering a free digital copy of The Incredibles to folks who connect their iTunes accounts with DMA. They’re also offering double Disney Movie Rewards for the first week.

It’s certainly a snazzy new deal but doesn’t affect my personal watching habits as I rarely purchase a film digitally and they don’t seem to be offering rentals at this time. So I have no reason to stray from Netflix for Disney titles. What about you?

[EDIT] Folks have been telling me this is only available in the US at the moment, which is a shame. No word on when/if it will eventually spread out.

(via Deadline)

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with you about renting Vs buying and don’t think this is for me, but I can see this being popular with parents. Kids like to watch the same movie endlessly and buying might be more cost effective for them than renting.

  • tsee

    I might have been tempted, but apparently it’s not available in Canada. Which means they can count me out if they ever do make it available up here. I’m sick and tired of region-locked content in this day and age.

  • Lowprices

    I will be jumping aboard this, as Netflix’ selection of Disney is a bit rubbish. How rubbish? They have Pocahontas 2: Mel Gibson’s Revenge, but not Brave, or even Pocahontas 1.

  • Erin Macdonald

    Won’t do too much for me given what’s already on Netflix and my own Disney collection. I imagine it will go over well with parents with young children who are old enough to choose their own films but not old enough to watch most of what’s on Netflix.

  • Cad Wallader

    Pass. If it’s not on Netflix I just don’t bother. There’s plenty there to keep me busy, all for 7 bucks a month. Besides, baseball’s starting up soon and summer movie season… I need another source of revenue drain like I need another Jeph Loeb anything.

  • Cad Wallader

    But there’s Netflix kids! Avengers: EMH, Batman: BATB, plus TONS of Cartoon Network stuff.

  • Rijacki

    Having moved to Canada a year and a half ago, I have discovered just how much is region locked for streaming and download and it’s extremely annoying. When I was in California, I used to by digital music through Amazon, at least a CD a month or more, but now cannot. I used to use Hulu, but now cannot. I have been happy the Netflix here has recently been expanding the number of titles it offers, too. On the flip side, when I first moved here, I was equally annoyed that some titles I could get on Canadian Netflix had not been available in the US.

  • ms.marvelous

    They actually do have Pocahontas 1! Keep searching! :)

  • Anonymous

    I was interested right up til the bit where it said you have to actually BUY the movies. I’m happy to settle for whatever is on Netflix or my local library system. I’m not interested in outright BUYING anything. Call it a fear of commitment. Or a lack of money to throw away on something I’d probably watch once and forget about for three years.

  • Erin Macdonald

    Ah, so it’s in a separate section then. My distinct lack of wee ones running around didn’t realise that. The fact that my Netflix recommends Ed Edd and Eddy next to The L Word made me slightly concerned :)

  • Sprainogre

    I don’t like to buy digital movies. I like to own my things, and be able to make use of the first sale doctrine. Digital ownership isn’t real ownership. You have what you’ve paid money for at the leave of the person who you gave your money to. I’m fine with my streaming services, and if a product comes with a bonus digital copy, but I won’t go out and buy a digital copy on it’s own accords. No thank you.

  • Travis

    Not subscription based. Don’t care.

  • Emily Neenan

    They should have just done a Disney Corner of Netflix. If I’m going to buy a movie, it’s a movie I love and I’ll buy the Awesome Extra Features Edition (I have the MCU briefcase boxset!). If it’s a movie I want to watch this one time, I want to Netflix it.

  • Anonymous

    I basically despise iTunes, so no, I will not be jumping onto this.

  • Pink Apocalypse


    I never buy digital copies, and rarely buy hard copies. But when I do, it’s the Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Box Set.

  • Jeanette

    I’m not going to be happy with Disney until they give me a way to see W.I.T.C.H. legally.

  • Melynda

    Studios, in my opinion, don’t need to have their own streaming service. Even Disney who owns everything. I’m already paying for Netflix and Hulu Plus, I’m not going to pay for digital movies. Digital copies of things give me the shivers. Except music, I’m okay with that.

  • Jared Davis

    I’m cool with having digital copies now that streaming options are available, but I prefer to own physical discs as well. I’m just disappointed that Disney has this as Apple and PC only. Android users get nothing from this. Disney titles are available on Vudu, Amazon and CinemaNow, though not all of those are available on all devices.

  • Kemsley

    Disney Movies Anywhere… except my geographical region!

  • Lowprices

    Possibly they have it over in America, but us scummy British types get a severely limited selection on Netflix.

  • Charlie

    If they wanted to charge me a subscription I would pay it, but I don’t buy films digitally. For some reason I like having a hard copy unlike a game.

  • Anonymous

    Because Pixar movies (like Brave) were contracted through Starz, which no longer puts stuff on Netflix.

  • Anthony Dean

    I like digital copies, but would rather buy it on DVD and rip it to my computer, giving me a DRM-free version I can use as I see fit, vs. being tied to a specific device ecosystem. I have a mix of devices at home, and thanks to DRM/wanting to sell their own devices, iTunes/Google Play/etc. aren’t compatible with all of them.

    I also like Netflix, so hoping “Frozen” eventually also turns up there. Not up for spending on yet another streaming service (and I see no Android version/HD versions are PC-only?).

  • Krystal C.

    All of that. Plus, a glorious lack of shelf space.

  • ms.marvelous

    Ooooh, that’s a bummer. :(

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather pay an extra couple bucks a month to add a studio section like this to my netflix account. Maybe that’s the future, it might suck but if the thing keeping better content from netflix is cost, then offer premium ala carte options. Like studio catalogs.

  • Anonymous

    Or on 80% of mobile devices.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. My shelves are already full of books. Only some of which I actually reread. LOL! I don’t buy as many books as I used to due to money issues, but I’m much more likely to buy a book than a movie. Yay priorities!

  • Nicole Kiser

    ..what? Why Apple? That’s cutting off over half you consumer base! Not many people use Apple, and while the iPhone and iPad are popular, they’re not so much so that it’s worth cutting off everyone else. (Andriod has 52% market share with phones in the US and a wooping 70% worldwide. Tablets it’s only 42% but that’s still a large amount of people!) And beyond that, using iTunes on a PC is a huge pain in the rear! Blarg!

    Oh well, it’s not like I want to buy a Disney digital movie anyway. Better to buy the actual DVD/Bluray. At least then Disney can’t change it’s mind later and take it away from me….

  • Michael Overton

    I resent the way everyone wants to have control. I’m not going to have a dozen separate accounts just so I can cover all of the venues, any more than I was willing to have memberships with a bunch of video rental outlets when they were all in storefronts. Especially since each of them charges for their streaming accounts. I regularly tell them this, too. Hopefully if enough people tell Disney, Warner,, etc. that we want simplicity, not a zillion different accounts they’ll figure out they make more money by increasing access, not restricting it.