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Looks Like Daario Naharis Has Been Recast For Game Of Thrones Season 4

If you weren’t too keen on the actor HBO chose for Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones, it’s your lucky day.

Ed Skrein landed what could be seen as a coveted role for Season 3 of the hit cable series, getting to star alongside Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys. But as is the case with most casting choices for adaptations, fans had mixed reactions on his look. Once I saw him in action, I was satisfied with the choice but a few still weren’t convinced in Skrein’s Daario-ness. So for those people, I hope you like his replacement. But who is it?

Michiel Huisman. If that name sounds familiar it’s because just yesterday we reported on the actor claiming an unspecified role on Game of Thrones. Rebecca surmised he could take on one of the Greyjoy uncles or a Martell but we never even considered he’d replace an existing actor.

Deadline had the info on the replacement but it was The Hollywood Reporter who says they found out who Huisman would take over for. There’s been no confirmation from HBO on the particulars but THR writes, “Word of Huisman’s casting first surfaced on Instagram, where his trainer posted a photo of the actor bulking up to prepare for Thrones.” The photo has since been taken down.

It’s difficult to speculate on why Skrein would have been recast but Game of Thrones actors have had to leave the series due to scheduling conflicts before. Conan Stevens, who played Gregor Clegane, left to join The Hobbit as the Orc leader Bolg and was replaced with Ian Whyte for Season 2.

What do you think of the change-up? If true, this would be the second GoT actor replaced for Season 4. Personally, I’m just hoping they give him blue hair this time.

(via Winter is Coming)

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  • Anonymous

    That’s a pretty big change–he has quite a few lines and scenes. I wasn’t a huge fan of his version of Daario, but I’d much prefer the same actor over the seasons to switching. I HATE it when actors get replaced.

  • Adrian

    The recast doesn’t do anything to address the white-washing that so many people took issue with. Plus, there’s no reason to expect he’s going to suddenly dye his hair blue and act completely different than he did in Season 3. Grats to Huisman for landing the role but otherwise, seems like we can expect collective fan-meh. Meh.

  • Eisen

    Can only sign that.
    I didn’t had a problem with Daarios overall “pretty” “chippendaly” look, but with the fact that he was white, had no dyed hair and no golden teeth.

    It was something I really enjoyed when I was reading SoIaF – the different cultures and different beauty standards that were not only affecting women, but also men. It was different from most things you read in fantasy. Don’t understand why they couldn’t keep Daarios look from the books. But it seems we can’t expect any changes there.

  • Eisen

    Can fully understand that, but as a person with face blindness I guess I wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t mentioned here. In fact I read the article and was all: “What? Gregor Clegane was replaced?!”
    The brighter side of face blindness: I may not recognise my own mother, but every movie has new actors!

  • Anonymous

    Skrein was nice to look at and had mad sex appeal, Michiel does nothing for me.

  • fictionaladyfeels

    But are they going to give him blue hair and a mustache that is the important question

  • AK

    Obviously they seem to be willing to change a characters races for the show, presumably basing it on who they feel is best for the job rather than what they look like.

    Neither Xaro nor Salador Saan were black in the books, but they were played by black actors in the show. So it goes both ways. Hopefully you were just as disappointed with those castings as you seem to be with Daario and any other darker-skinned character played by a white guy.

  • AK

    The producers seem a little too willing to recast roles instead of doing what it takes to keep things flowing nicely. They know damn well what characters are going to have larger roles going forward, so I wish they’d just stick with the same actors. I hate recasting.

  • Aeryl

    It goes both ways, but it shouldn’t. Expanding roles for POCs when they are underserved, is a good thing. Expanding roles for white people, when they are overrepresented is not.

  • WellYesYouMay

    I was not a fan of any bit of Skrein in that role, so any change up seems better to me. Still disappointed about the white washing though. It takes away from the character.

  • Aeryl

    With the Mountain, he only got one decent scene in S1 with his face, and the actors LOOK a LOT alike, so it was hard to tell.

    This new guy looks WAY different.

  • Adrian

    You’re missing the point. The fact that it “goes both ways” does not indicate a sort of “color-blind equality” in casting when people of color are already under-represented in media. To say that “hopefully I was just as disappointed” with the casting of Xaro and Saan implies, in a somewhat patronizing fashion, that the issue is with retaining accuracy with the novel and not a critique on representation in media… which is what I am really talking about.

  • Aeryl


  • Eisen

    Maybe he keeps his hair, then I could identify him. But if they give him a long haired wig… there goes my face recognition.

    But at least I get better. Season 1 was hell for me, I just couldn’t distinguish Robb from Theon. And Renly from Baelish… and every sidecharacter from one another :)

  • Aeryl

    You weren’t alone.

  • Eisen

    wah, thats good to know :)
    At least, theres always context, and many other characters which have very unique hair. That helps me alot.

  • Eisen

    Even if they try to get the best actor for the job (and I do believe that), there’s no reason why they can’t be at least darker with makeup.
    But first I think it’s not true that there couldn’t be an POC-actor be found that was as good as this new actor for Daario.
    Second, the main cast ist completely white if I remember right, as are most sidecharacters. Yes, westeros is mainly inhabited by white people, but why change this one so clearly from the book-character? What do they fear? That the viewers are cringing by the sight of dark skin, a dyed beard and golden teeth? Or is it because this character has something going on with Daenerys and it would seem “righter” if it was a pretty white guy?

    It is sadly far to common we see only “same race” couples in the media, and even if this hasn’t anything to do with the cast of Daario, I would find it really nice to see a more diverse pairing like original Daario with Daenerys.

  • The Rising

    Re-casting will only confuse those who do not read the books or spend all their time on the internet.

  • Mordicai

    I was pretty sad when Conan Stevens left, since he had great crazy eyes. “What the heck reason could he have for…oh to be in The Hobbit? Ohhhhh.” I get that, even though…well, I liked him better than Ian Whyte, in all honesty.

    As for this, well, the proof is in the pudding.

  • Mordicai

    What like, you want to talk about the actual issue, & not distort the conversation by bringing up contextless outliers? Why, poppycock!

  • Anonymous

    I actually wasn’t too upset with Show!Daario. Hell, if they’d just given him a blue beard I would have been happy! All I wanted was an awesome blue beard!

  • Laszlo

    I don’t think they looked that alike, plus the second Mountain carried himself completely differently. The first one always looked angry as fuck, while the second was almost stoic.

  • Angelica


  • Aeryl

    I agree, mostly. I don’t have a problem recasting an actor that was seen for a few moments and never named(or even named, anyone really remember Beric Dondarrion from S1? I don’t).

    But when they’ve been established as the character(very well, in Skrein’s case, IMO) it’s jarring.

    Of course, I’m of the opinion that they killed of Roz because the actress was the one rumored to have demanded to stop doing nudity, so I already have a low opinion of Weiss and Benioff.

  • Aeryl

    Well, I could tell them apart, but they were close enough, that most viewers I talked to didn’t see the difference.

  • Erasure 25

    But the fact remains is there have been castings of non-white characters for white book characters in pivotal roles, such as Salador Saan. Its like you want us to focus on the left side, but nevermind what happened on the right side. It’s disingenuous at best and intentionally misleading at worst.

  • Erasure 25

    But unless they are hiring veritable slaves, they can’t very well force an actor to stay if they don’t want to (contracts be damned). Plus, its not as if HBO has given GoT a blank check. They have to balance talent, with schedules, with cost, with weather, with locations, etc…

  • Erasure 25

    You have a low opinion of Weiss and Benioff based on your unsubstantiated notion? Sorry, not to be naggy, but show me some proof.

  • Fionnabhair

    First you say he’s white, then you say his ethnicity is never confirmed in the books: which is it? The fact that many people assume a person is white if their race and/or ethnicity is not described is a function of white privilege.

    This could have been a great opportunity to add more racial diversity to the cast of Game of Thrones. There are plenty of white characters in the show already, and it would have been easy to give Huisman the role of a known-white character, and cast a person of colour for Daario. Instead, we get another white guy.

  • Erin Treat

    My response when people bring up the casting of black actors for white characters like it’s a problem or makes up for systematic whitewashing in Hollywood is always to just show them Movie Bob’s video “Skin Deep”.

    It also works for when characters are de-gayed. The removal of any type of minority actually.

  • Chríss

    I love Game of Thrones, but with such a main character being recast – well, I think it damages the integrity of the show. It feels cheap. Tommen and Naharis. It’s all coming a part a bit at the seams.

  • Adrian

    Well, yeah. That’s exactly what I’m saying… you make it sound like a bad thing, either because you don’t understand the problem or are being willfully ignorant of it. What’s happening on the “left side” where people of color are passed up for roles specifically written for people of color, is a real problem that leads to under-representation of people of color. What happens on the “right side” is extremely rare and doesn’t lead problems of under-representation.

    The fact is that white, western-world actors secure the majority of roles, and often leading roles. While people of color are not cast in nearly as many leading roles and at best, can be found as supporting characters or even villains. This is a real phenomenon, observed, documented and observed again, and talked about by millions of people. I strongly advise you look it up and educate yourself on it because it’s real and a real problem.

  • Anonymous

    I was celebrating for a second and then I realized that he was replaced by the Nashville fake-hunk. Meh. Well, at least we’re getting rid of the Insta-smirk. Doesn’t look more like a mercenary than Faabio did though. Oh well.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t understand why they couldn’t keep the Daario look from the book? There are things that work on the page that probably wouldn’t work on the screen.

    If they’d kept the blue hair and gold teeth, 80% of the viewers would have obsessed about “silly” and unrealistic it looked and totally lose the plot from sight. People who don’t read just don’t have any kind of suspension of disbelief and they often get stuck on the first degree.

    This being said, if they were going to recast, they could have gone closer to the mercenary look at least, even without going a more “ethnic” route. He still looks like a pretty boy, not a killer for hire.

  • Anonymous

    Because he sucked and he’s not supposed to look like a 90210 character.

  • Angelica

    he will still will look like a 90210 character, but less breath-takingly handsome. Just regular Handsome. They could have just kept the best handsome instead of the regular one. Meh, we still have Loras.

  • Anonymous

    Huisman is skinny, gangly and none too sexy. He was downright creepy in Treme. Epic fail in casting, IMHO.

  • Eisen

    As “silly” as Jack Sparrow with Eyeliner and golden teeth?
    I’m certain a good actor could rock Daarios original look.

    And I’ve really had it with all those: “mimimi he’s to pretty for a mercenary” – that’s just bs. A mercenary or a killer for hire can be ugly, pretty, average, thin, fat and even (gasp) female.
    Your outside defines not what you are capable of – Strong Belwas made this point in the books, alongside of other characters like Brienne and Tyrion. Why the fuck are people still full of this “you can’t be X if you don’t look like Y”-shit?

  • Anonymous

    Where in the books series A song of Ice and Fire they referred anyone by color of skin. But you’ve ignorantly said races, the races that resides in those stories are humans , giants, others, and children of the forest. So what in bloody hell are you even spouting about? I won’t go as far in calling you racist. No you’re just plain ignorant.

  • AK

    No, I’m just not obsessed with politically-correct bullshit that says that every skin color needs to be represented simply for diversity’s sake. I’d rather they kept all of the characters closer to the way they were in the books, and if that means a dearth of black characters, then so be it. Could Daario have been darker? Absolutely. But at the same time, Xaro WASN’T EVEN CLOSE to the way he was described in the book, but to the candy-ass PC crowd, that’s ok, because we need more black actors represented in the show, just because it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  • AK

    It cracks me up when non-whites complain about being under-represented in stories where they aren’t really even featured prominently. This same thing happened with LotR, where many black people complained that “Middle-earth has elves, dwarves, and orcs, but no black people”. Well that’s the story, it’s based on WESTERN EUROPE.

    I really did not have a huge problem with them changing Xaro or Salador, but not because I feel the show needs more black actors just for the sake of having more black actors.

  • AK

    You brought up the issue of “whitewashing” that so many people have bitched about regarding Daario and Thoros. They got a dark-haired Peruvian guy to play Oberyn, and all I heard was “He’s TOO WHITE!! We need more PEOPLE OF COLOR!!” It gets old, seriously.

  • AK

    It’s not the fact that black actors are cast in white roles, it’s the fact that when it’s the other way around, people raise a massive stink over it, and no one bats an eyelash. It’s the hypocritical double-standard of it all.

  • AK

    So wait a minute, you’re telling me that in a nation that is 75% white, that most leading roles go to…gasp…WHITE PEOPLE? That doesn’t make any sense…We’d better get on that…

  • Gwendolyn

    Did you watch the video that Erin posted? It gave an actual reason to use a double standard and cast more black actors, not a ‘just because’.

  • AK

    Yep, I watched it. He basically said the double-standard favoring blacks is OK, because they need restitution for slavery. Typical white-guilt argument. At the end of the day, it’s all about revenge.

  • Adrian

    The argument that the majority of white roles is due to a reflection of the population (and thus fairly balanced) might make at least a flimsy argument IF those ratios (population vs roles) were evenly matched. They aren’t.

    If you’ve already dismissed the argument as being something that only insane people fuss over, I don’t know what you’re doing here, commenting to this thread. I don’t believe you think that though; I think part you understands it’s a legitimate issue and whether you’re here to troll or not, you might come believe it a little… it certainly makes more sense than believing people are “waging a crusade,” when there’s empirical sociological evidence that proves under-representation is a real problem.

  • Adrian

    I can’t speak to sourceless and anecdotal examples of what people said about Oberyn’s casting; I don’t know what stance the commenters you mentioned are taking.

    What I can say is that race and color is a complex issue and when it comes to skin tone (light vs. dark skin) there have been cases where lighter-skinned people of color were cast because they were perceived as appearing “safer” or “smarter” or “less threatening” than other darker-skinned actors. That might be what people are reacting to… it might not. In any case, if you think “it gets old” and you claim to think “it” is not even a real phenomenon, imagine how “old” it gets for the rest of us.

    I sincerely suggest that if you think it gets old and you’re bored of the issue, to educate yourself on the issue. Try a new perspective. Aside from that, I can’t do much else to help entertain you.

  • AK

    So why don’t you give me the accurate ratio then?

    Anyway, the problem we seem to be having is that I don’t see a difference between Xaro being turned into a black guy and Daario being turned into a white guy. I believe that the casting directors auditioned actors, found the ones they liked, and went with them. You, on the other hand (and correct me if I’m wrong here), believe that hiring a black dude for the role of Xaro was a shining example of something that the producers need to do more of, but the role of Daario going to a white guy is an example of white-washing, which by extension is an example of institutionalized racism. YOU accused the producers of white-washing, even though they have shown in the past that they are willing to look beyond the description of the character’s ethnicity as outlined in the book. You can’t have things your way all the time.

  • Stewart Zoot Wymer

    Personally, I found Skrein a bit too “prettyboy” for the character. IMO, such a fellow would be maybe a pleasure slave, male courtesan or maybe even a bard (where you care not for the singing of his voice but the size of his instrument!)

    No kicks to Ed, though – but I just see Daario as more roguish and cheerfully amoral. While some prettifying is going on anyway (Tyrion looks far too handsome compared to his book version who seems like he could crack mirrors in a pinch) but even as a straight man I can tell that Skrein is attractive. Perhaps there’d be an awesome piece for him to play later in the series

  • Anonymous


    Now if only they would recast Asha Greyjoy, or whatever the heck it is they call her on the show.

  • Serene Johnson


  • Adrian

    I didn’t provide an exact ratio for two reasons. First, because frankly, it’s a lot of work. I won’t cop-out completely though; a cursory examination of the current U.S. census says people of color make up ~35% of the population, since we are not seeing roughly 1/3 of media representation consisting of people of color, therefore it’s a reasonable thing to say that the ratio of population to representation is unfairly balanced.

    My second reason for not providing an exact ratio is because trying to tell an accurate story of our world and the human condition can’t be done by simply matching demographic percentages. It’s art, for fuck’s sake. The life and beauty of our world is told not in compartmentalized tales of “white people” and “black people” and whoever else. The life of all people of all races and differences is directly influenced and affected by others. It’s a complex story and having a show exist in a world where only light-skinned, European equivalent people have agency and heroic stories to be told, paints a closed-off mono-chrome world that doesn’t reflect the truth of our own… which is the whole purpose of art to begin with.

    Lastly, your assumption of my point-of-view is inaccurate. I believe, as you do, that casting auditioned people and selected who they liked. I believe this is also the case with Xaro: Nonzo Anozie auditioned for the role and was selected by casting as the best. There are still many cases in the industry where people of color are specifically excluded from consideration, as in they are not even allowed to audition (ex: Katniss Everdeen) so I was definitely happy that things appear to be different at HBO. This does not however make them exempt from criticism. Considering the specific description of Daario as being a brown-skinned man with blue hair, it’s reasonable to see “white-washing” when they instead pick a white-skinned man with blonde hair. If that accusation is inaccurate for some reason, it’s up to HBO and those involved with the production to engage the rest of us in conversation. That’s what these criticisms are all about anyway; to begin conversation.

    I also object to “knocking one down to boost another up” but I have never suggested that and I disagree that is what is being suggested here.

  • Anonymous

    I feel really bad for this guy, he lands an incredible role, on an incredible and successful show, and he is let go because the fans had a pissy fit??!! “HE’S NOT GOOD LOOKING ENOUGH!!” (do in most annoying whinny voice)

    First of all, shut up, what imaginary world are you living in where you cannot admit this guy is handsome. And more importantly, I thought he nailed the role. He could play suave without arrogance – that is a hard feat for an actor. The chemistry was there between Dany and him.

    And it was not like he was in one scene where the audience barley remembers what he looked like. This actor had a very big part in established this character – and next season, it will just be a different person. If the show-runners are going with their gut, and they didn’t find the performance of the actor to par – fine. But I hope they are not just following the whims of their audience. Seriously on Game of Thrones – you cant do that. They should have given this guy a chance.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    “he is let go because the fans had a pissy fit??!!”

    I’m going to stop you right there, because we’ve had zero indication of why he was recast.

  • AK

    The description of Xaro was as a pale-skinned man with a beak of a nose – pretty far off from what we got. Also pretty hard to justify from your angle, if you’re going to use Daario’s book description against the casting of the actor that was chosen.

    Anyway, if you don’t mind my asking, what would you say IF Nonzo Alonsie was not actually considered by casting to be the best actor for the job, but was simply chosen because the show needed more black actors to combat this problem you’ve spoken of? I’m not at all saying this was the case, but just hypothetically, if it was, what would you think?

  • AK

    Personally, I think it’s often a case of people seeing sinister motives where none exist. Too often racism is used as a be-all end-all argument – the moment you accuse someone of being a racist, you’ve won, or so it usually goes. I don’t have my head so far in the sand to believe that racism is dead, but I also know that there’s a ton of leverage in claiming racism where it doesn’t truly exist. And it doesn’t seem to work that equally for all minorities. Some minorities benefit from it more than others, which leads me to believe that there’s something else going on there.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only ASOIF fan who mentally photoshopped the pronged, dyed goatee off this character?

  • Adrian

    You want to hold them to the same standard, but there’s a difference between the casting of Xaro and Daario. Given that there is an under-representation of people of color in media, it should come as no surprise that I’m OK with the casting of Xaro and have criticisms of the casting of Daario. If we assume that in both cases, the casting directors simply chose who they liked best, then the casting of Xaro is OK and perhaps even good as it provides more exposure and representation of people of color. In the case of Daario, it was clear opportunity to cast a person of color, as Daario is a person of color… but that opportunity was squandered. It’s a simple and reasonable critique.

    If you insist on using the “peg” mentality, then that implies that people of color are lower on the peg scale. You are therefore advocating to keep people of color in their current place on the peg scale, for the benefit of those who are higher on the scale (white, euro-centric). I don’t think you really believe that, so I think you need to abandon this “peg theory” because it oversimplifies a complex issue and makes you sound close-minded.

    To answer your last question, what your describing is tokenism. If I had reason to believe the casting directors cast a person of color to pander to the audience, then I’d have criticism for them. People on all sides of the debate see right through that; it’s bullshit and no one likes it.

  • Adrian

    Again, I can’t speak to anecdotal accusations and hypothetical people who imply racism to further their own personal goals. I don’t do that, I don’t think it’s particularly relevant here, and it’s a sidetrack that dilutes the legitimate cases of racial injustice.

    I do however think your use of the word “sinister” brings up an interesting point. If something is regarded as racist, many people on both sides of the issue, assume sinister intent. I agree that sinister motives do not always exist… but to be racist, sinister motives are not required. There is a banality to institutional discrimination and racism that does not require one to have sinister intent or for one to even think about it. When you consider this fact, you begin to recognize how pervasive these problems can be and how important having these conversations is.

    A person can be racist without having intent to be so. A person can identify racism without damning the person or situation. And a lot of people, on all sides of the issue, don’t always recognize that. And this type of discrimination especially benefits discussion.

  • Eisen

    Maybe the average viewer would instead be happy, that not all the pairings in the show look like from a model convention. I think if you are serious about it and show how capable Daario is despite his looks, the viewers would have surprised the HBO Team and accepted this character – or even loved him.
    It could have been a step forward.

    They replace him now, and they could have done this also if the original Daario wouldn’t work.

  • Kyle S.

    All I know is that the current guy looks perfect for the part although he is crazy on the show so I wish they’d went with the blue hair and pointy beard. It could have worked. Cobain and Staley pulled off kool-aid colored hair quite well.

  • AK

    So then you’re suggesting that whether Daario was the best actor for the role or not, he should not have gotten the job, because the role should have gone to someone with dark skin.

    My “peg theory” certainly applies here. You believe Skrein, through no fault of his own, should have been turned aside, just so we could have more “people of color” (which is a stupid fucking description that lumps in many different groups under one umbrella). You only believe in hiring based on merit when it’s the merit of a “person of color”, but otherwise merit be damned, because we have a dearth of black characters or brown characters that needs fixing. Sorry man, but “tokenism” sounds exactly like what you’re advocating. They may not be the best person for the job, but they should get the job anyway. You advocate that some people be given an artificial leg up, and then you seem surprised that those who would end up on the receiving end would have something to say about it.

    And you keep saying you won’t speak to anecdotal accusations, but all you’ve provided is anecdotal accusations, and when asked to provide some real evidence, you copped out massively and instead tried to give some monologue about the “beauty of our world” or some such diversion. So if I’m going to accept your anecdotal “evidence”, then you have to accept mine, unless it’s you in fact who is the close-minded one.

  • Adrian

    “So then you’re suggesting that whether Daario was the best actor for the role or not, he should not have gotten the job, because the role should have gone to someone with dark skin.”

    Nope. Never said that.

    “You believe Skrein, through no fault of his own, should have been turned aside, just so we could have more “people of color”"

    I didn’t say this either. The rest of your comment is predicated on the belief that I said those things when I didn’t, or saying things I never said, so there’s nothing left to address there.

    Regarding anecdotes, I said I can’t speak to them because I had no role in the discussions you’re referencing. I also suggested several times that you educate yourself on the issue rather than rely on me to spell it out for you (it’s not like you would or should take my sole word for it, anyway). I even said I was going to cop-out before I did, so… yeah. Not sure what you’re looking for.

    Anyway, we had a discussion, as much as appears to be possible. I feel like we’re just going in circles now. I can’t change your mind, I can only sway you to consider my point of view. You disagree (or rather, you’re unwilling to believe the problem even exists) so all I can ask is that you behave like a true skeptic: go seek out information on your own terms and challenge what you think you know. If you would rather believe that it’s all nonsense, that’s your prerogative… but if so, I’m left wondering why you bother to visit The Mary Sue and participate in a community that doesn’t belittle the terminology “people of color” among other things, and does believe in intersectionality and representation in media.

    Good luck to you, dude.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah – that was me just being mad and my general feeling toward fan reactions to that actor. And I think because all the people I watch GOT with hate him for just no reason, except they think he is not good looking enough :|

    And on forums, Reddit and places people seem to just hate the guy, and I feel he wasn’t given a real chance. I hope it is scheduling issues with the actor.

  • Charlie

    All other debates aside, I prefer Hulsman. Maybe Skrein just reminds me too much of those dudes on the covers of those 80′s/90′s era “mummy romance novels” and it just creeps me out, but to each their own!

  • Aeryl

    Western Europe had people of color, ESPECIALLY during the period this is analogous to, the War of the Roses. Do people really think that people of African nations just never figured how to navigate until us helpful white people showed up?

    Hell, Muslim explorers were trading with the Vikings 500 years prior to that.

    In addition, it’s FANTASY! People could be purple and you’d accept it, but start making the cast as diverse as actual humanity, and THAT’S the bridge too far.


  • Aeryl

    No my low opinion comes from the way she was killed off, it’s made worse by the unsubstantiated opinion.

    And fuck off, this is not a court of law, I’m entitled to my unsubstantiated opinions.

  • Thalestris

    Oh, so that’s what happened to the first Gregor Clegane? I liked him. (Well, didn’t like him, because Gregor Clegane, but thought he looked and sounded like the Gregor Clegane in my head.)

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re being generous to call Saan pivotal and then, as if to take back with one hand what they gave with the other, he had that annoying obsession ab

  • Dirk Agia

    GRRM has stated numerous times that Daario Naharis is WHITE albeit from a different region. It is psychotic anti Whites like you that have the problem.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t agree more. They are playing to a much wider audience than just the readers of the books. This is simple economics to the showrunners. They are trying to stay as faithful to the books as they can, but they know that certain things do not translate well from book to screen. This is one of them. Sad to say, it’s all about the ratings (oh, and the money of course).

  • Korios

    No, no, no, that’s terrible news! Ed Skrein was awesome, please don’t replace him!

  • Dave

    I kept thinking, “who’s this guy?” I ended up on your post because I was trying to figure out who the guy with the beard was. I think I’ll miss the 20 something Arnold look a like.

  • Dave

    I kept thinking, “who’s this guy?” I ended up on your post because I was trying to figure out who the guy with the beard was. I think I’ll miss the 20 something Arnold look a like.

  • MJ C

    Stupid HBO casting! So annoyed. Ed Skrein was PERFECT and I was looking forward to seeing him again. Now I hope Daario gets killed off. Blah. :(

  • Levi

    This is madness. The new daario looks like any ordinary westerosi youd find in king’s landing.

  • Joe Joejoe

    This is a perfect example of the feminization of men in society. They replace a strong brutal tall dude with a weak boy band looking pansy who we’re supposed to buy is ‘tough’. The guy is almost as short as she is, and doesn’t even have the muscles to carry a real sword….so one has to wonder how this half man has even survived so long.

    he’s just got too much of that cliche greasy third world ‘latin lover’ thing about him, which only non traveled women idiots want.

  • Anonymous

    It’s finally out there that Ed Skrein chose to leave GoT to take over for Jason Statham in the fourth installation of “The Transporter.” I guess it’s hard to say no to big screen money and the prospect of a three-film deal (assuming that they signed him for 4, 5, and 6), but I frankly think he’d have done better for himself in the long run staying on as Daario, because the box office figures for the last “Transporter” suggest that it’s a dying franchise. I guess we’ll see.

  • Guest

    When, after the tournament in Season 1, did you see The Mountain’s face long enough to notice the change in at-rest facial expression?