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  1. The Sims 4: Create A Sim Trailer Shows Us The Awesome Amounts Of Detail Available When Making A Sim

    Next step: give our Sims the gift of the gab!

    Say goodbye to pesky menus and limited choices when it comes to creating Sim characters. The Sims 4 allows so much customizable freedom that players will likely spend more time creating a Sim than actually playing the game.

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  2. Realistic Mario Warns You That Dinosaurs Will Eat Your Friends

    Yoshi is not your dinosaur friend, sorry Mario.

    This episode of Realistic Mario pretty much sums up what would happen if you encountered a dinosaur. Yoshi viciously consumes everything because that's what carnivores do. As expected, it's highly doubtful that a dinosaur could be tame enough to let us ride on its back anyway. These episodes are turning out to be a very painful journey for Mario.

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  3. Dan Newbie Impresses Us Again With His Rendition Of The Game of Thrones Theme Song

    All using wine glasses, pencils, pans, and a water jug -- doesn't get cooler than that.

    It takes talent and an absurd amount of patience to create such a pleasant theme song cover for the very popular Game of Thrones series, but Dan Newbie has certainly delivered.. It's beautiful enough to be a lullaby, so sweet dreams, GoT lovers! Just hope you're not currently having as bad a day as Tyrion Lannister.

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  4. Zoomin.TV Share Their Top 5 Depressing Games

    Cue the sad songs.

    Oftentimes we don't have to reach the end of the game we're playing before we realize how terribly depressing it is. In fact, a lot of these games thrive off of the sadness of both its characters and us as players. Needless to say, this week's Top 5 from Zoomin.TV has a pretty accurate title.

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  5. Check Out “Ew!” with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron on The Tonight Show

    Turn down for what!

    Our beloved social trends are all squeezed into this clip of Fallon's version of "Ew!" Apparently, Ewis an actual thing on Teen Nick. I don't know what's more frightening, that Teen Nick has a show called Ew or that Zac Efron still manages to be extremely attractive even as a muscular girl. Seth Rogen is also easy on the eyes.

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  6. The Official Final Trailer For Maleficent And Its Attempt At Seductive Voice Over Narration

    From the looks of this trailer, Disney Sleeping Beauty fans shouldn't get their hopes up.

    Okay, maybe seductive voice over isn't what the director was going for here, but that's pretty much what the trailer sounds like. Let us hope that the trailer is actually holding out on us and Maleficent will be a captivating film.

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  7. A Moon With Two Suns May Be More Likely To Support Life

    It's also more likely to look like Tatooine.

    Apparently two are better than one. New research shows that binary stars keep each other in check and increase a moon's chances of hosting life.

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  8. Zoomin.TV Count Down the 5 Most Awkward Games To Play

    Even this cover photo is awkward and uncomfortable.

    According to Zoomin.TV, we should probably make sure we play these weird games alone and keep it a secret from our friends. No one here is judging anyone for their guilty pleasures or anything, but weird and ridiculous boob physics are gonna get pretty awkward. Guaranteed.

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  9. The Secret To Moving Heavy Stones In Egypt Has Been Discovered, And It Wasn’t Aliens

    Ancient Astronaut Theorists will be disappointed.

    You'd think that we are smart enough to understand that our ancient friends had the tools to build awe-inspiring pyramids in Egypt. However, the question of how the ancients built anything without the help of modern technology still stands. Scientists have discovered that Egyptians had their ways to efficiently move heavy stones.

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  10. See Kids React to Clash of Clans and Explain It to the Rest of Us

    Parents, bond with your kids while sacking empires.

    Parents, I'd be wary about trusting your kids with your cellphone devices and these in-app purchases. Some of these young whippersnappers are very aware and very excited about Clash of Clans. Some are even playing with their parents and are much better at explaining the mechanics of the game than most adults.

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