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Zendikar Rising Official Trailer & What We Know From MTG’s 2020 Announcement Day

Several announcements have come out from Wizards of the Coast today concerning new sets and we also got a trailer for the upcoming Zendikar Rising. We see Nahiri continue on her path of being Lawful Evil as well as a break down of all the fun cards, new mechanics and art that will be coming.

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From just a nerd mythology standpoint, I am so glad to see Nahiri back because she has gone through it. Nahiri is from the plane of Zendikar, which is notable for its ever-shifting landscape and floating polyhedron-shaped stones which are called hedrons. This is Nahiri’s homeland and she is a Kor stoneforger, lithomancer, and planeswalker. She was one of The Three who guarded the world against the Eldrazi along with Sorin Markov and Ugin the Spirit Dragon, but when eventually the prison became unstable she called for help and her friends did not come. Now she’s in a blood feud with Sorin and I’m sure that’s part of the reason she has no time for new friends.

Other than the lip-sync issues, I thought the video was just a great look at how Nahiri has changed. The red added to her colors is really showing and I wonder what story we will see unfold via the flavor text.

But that’s the storyline, what about the cards!

Hosting announcement day was Jimmy Wong from The Command Zone (and he will also be starring in Disney’s Mulan remake streaming this Friday on Disney+). It’ll give you the full breakdown of everything that will be happening but here are some of the highlights:

Landfall, one of the best mechanics, is making a return, also with everyone’s favorite mana generator: Lotus Cobra, who is sporting some new art as well.

There will also be a “new twist on double-faced cards” called modal DFCs. One version has a spell on one side and land on the other, and dual lands that make the mana you want based on which side you play them as. We also have Expedition fetchlands, which I know as a commander player I will be making sure to add to my collection.

There are also new legendary creatures and cards built around having a party which can be made up of a Clerics, Rogues, Wizards, Allys, and Warriors.

For Set Boosters, 1 in 4 Set Boosters will also contain a card from “The List.”

“The List is a curated list of 300 cards from Magic’s history chosen to show off the cool and weird history of Magic. Think Slivers and weird mechanics and cool things we’ve done in Magic’s history, all in a brand-new booster pack!”

One card from that list which I’m sure will be of interest is Food Chain, a popular combo piece.

Oh yeah! We are going to a Valhalla inspired plane called Kaldheim, so I am here 100% for valkyries.

What are you most excited about from Magic and Zendikar?

(via WoTC, image: WoTC)

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