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The Internet Is Losing It Over Zendaya’s Instagram About Tom Holland

Frankly, so am I.

Zendaya as Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Parasocial relationships are often the talk of the internet, and today, we’re all screaming for the couple known as Zendaya and Tom Holland. The Spider-Man: No Way Home stars have been posting online gearing up for the release of the movie, and now Zendaya went just a step further to completely destroy fans of both their comic book counterparts and Zendaya and Holland as actors.

Zendaya and Tom Holland have chosen violence yet again—meaning that the two of them are being cute on social media and everyone is screaming about it online. Zendaya geared up for Spider-Man day by sharing pictures of adult Holland in his costume and a baby Tom Holland dressed up like Spidey, and she wrote, “My Spider-Man, I’m so proud of you, some things never change and good thing.”

“My Spider-Man”? Truly destroy me, I guess.


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And fans are flipping out because back in September, on Zendaya’s birthday, Holland posted a picture—taken by Zendaya—of the two of them in costume and called her “My MJ” in the post.


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So, you know, just some normal posts that are not so cute that we all want to sob uncontrollably. (Who am I kidding? We’re all screaming, right?)

Twitter promptly lost it, and “My Spider-Man” has been trending all morning thanks to Zendaya.

I’ll say it: Zendaya/Tom Holland is cute

We have seen this story before. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were together during the filming of The Amazing Spider-Man movies, and there were rumors way back when about Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, but there is just something so adorably sweet about Zendaya and Holland that makes me believe in love. I don’t care. I just love them.

Are these two playing into their fans and the love we all have for both MJ and Peter, as well as both of them as actors? Absolutely, but I also fully believe that they care about each other and are in love enough to truly mean what they’re posting. “My MJ” and “My Spider-Man” is just there to physically and emotionally hurt me and my Spider-Man-loving heart, but that’s fine. It’s cute.

Zendaya’s MJ and Tom Holland’s Peter Parker are absolutely adorable and sweet and something completely fresh and new that I love with my whole heart. Seeing these posts makes me want to cry and throw up from joy at the same time, and that’s just where we’re all at emotionally, apparently.

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