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Link Meets Hong Kong Action Flick in Imaginative Zelda Live Action Trailer

Live-Action Zelda Hong Kong Action Movie

It seems that the fine folks over at DaysideTV have taken The Legend of Zelda into some brand new territory. They went ahead and gave it a real Hard Boiled/Hong Kong-style action flick vibe, in the vein of old Chow Yun-fat and Jet Li martial arts films. As an unabashed fan of these films, I’m actually kind of stoked to see how this crosses over with Legend of Zelda, because it feels like a creative enough re-imagining of a beloved franchise. What’s nice about this live-action trailer is that it’s packed with Asian actors playing the main roles, which seems only right, given the original source material.

Personally speaking, I am in love with the idea of Link as a former cop who’s gone off the rails to take on an entire evil criminal empire on his own. In a role that seems traditionally reserved to muscle-bound jocks like Schwarzenegger and Stallone, you’ve got a badass martial artist who can dish it out as well as take it—if that fight sequence in the middle of the trailer is any indication, at least. We’ve been personally stung by plenty of promising Zelda live-action trailers and rumors before, so I’m remaining cautiously optimistic going forward here. But if and when this movie drops, you can bet I’ll be right there watching.

Please be real.

(via Nintendo Life)

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