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Yummy Mart’s Pokémon Fashion Line Includes a Pikachu Poncho and Poké-Pajamas

In honor of Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary, the Pokémon Company has partnered with Japanese lingerie company Yummy Mart to design a sleepwear and lingerie collection. It looks like the collection focuses more on pajamas rather than lingerie, though. The lacy underwear in the photo above with Pikachu on it is definitely adorable, but it’s probably not a good bet for something to wear on a first date. Unless … your date … is into that? (Please ask your date ahead of time if they are into that.)

Anyway, the picture above also depicts a yellow fleece poncho with Pikachu’s face and ears on the hood, plus a tail drawn on the back. It looks super-snuggly, either to wear as a robe around the house over PJs, or perhaps as an actual outdoor poncho. It’s an unusual twist on the classic Pikachu hooded-sweatshirt, which has seen many iterations over the years. The poncho could make for a fun cosplay alternative. As for whether you want to match your underwear with said Pikachu cosplay, well, that’s really your call.

The fashion line also features some more understated pajamas options. If that bright yellow Pikachu stuff feels a bit much to you, this next outfit might be more your speed!

Pictured below, we’ve got a set of boxer shorts bedecked with Pokéballs and lined on the bottom with some miniature black pom-pom detailing. We’ve also got a tank top with “025” written on it, in subtle reference to Pikachu’s number in the Pokédex. There’s a Pikachu eyewear mask for folks who like their sleepy-time environment to be as dark as the inside of a Pokéball. Plus, there’s a small Pokéball-shaped bag that you could use to store your toothbrush, for all the Pokémon sleepovers you’ll attend in order to show off your sleepwear.  


Yummy Mart doesn’t officially release their collection until April 20th (at which point it’ll go up on their website), so you have until then to decide if you want these. I like those Pokéball boxers, myself, but I’m not sure I like ’em enough to pay overseas shipping costs … I’ll have to wait and check out the final prices once the line becomes available. What do you all think of the designs? Cute? Silly? Both?

(via CBR, image via Yummy Mart on Instagram)

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