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Youtube Now Has a Royalty-Free Music Section So Your Videos Will Stop Getting Taken Down

Vloggers everywhere just started grinning uncontrollably and they don't know why.


Your tutorial of how to knit the perfect Doctor Who scarf is finally done. You’ve uploaded it to Youtube and now all that’s left to do is rake in the — wait, why did you use Katy Perry’s “E.T.”  in the background? It’s already been taken down without anybody seeing it. Youtube wants that to stop happening to you. Here’s their solution.

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Today Youtube announced a new Audio library that allows you to select and download royalty-free music that won’t get your video taken down for copyright restrictions. The tracks are organized by mood, genre, length, and even which instruments are featured, making it easier to sift through and find exactly what you want to be playing behind your latest vlog.

While right now it’s all vaguely generic instrumental tracks, they’re hoping that upcoming indie artists allow them the opportunity to include their music as well by contacting them directly. Plus, save for the classical songs it all appears to be new material, which is good or those of who who know all the standardly-used iMovie tracks way too well already and want to hear something new.

This isn’t the first time such a library has existed, of course — there’s the Free Music Archive, which is full of creative commons songs, and Soundcloud, which can also be used to find royalty-free tracks. But this is the first time that Youtube has ever tried to do anything in-house, and the odds are that more people will notice it on Youtube first than anywhere else.

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