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You’re in His DMs, We’re All Making Memes About It

George Michael Bluth walking sadly on Arrested Development, with a tweet superimposed reading "You're in his DMs, I'm in the corner, watching him kiss her, ohhhhh."

A good meme is one that comes back flawlessly into our cultural lexicon without anyone really bringing it up. Whether it never really leaves or comes back when we least expect it, it is how you can judge the staying power of a Twitter joke that takes over the internet. And really, when isn’t some meme taking over Twitter and having everyone ask, “Wait, what is THIS joke now?”

This time, it’s happening with the “we are not the same” meme. A few years ago, the meme went around saying that “we are not the same” with a fun comparison. From song lyrics to novels and beyond, it was just a creative look at comparing imaginary people.

Now, the meme is back, but with a DM twist, with everyone saying what they’re up to while someone else is in his/her/their DMs. So you could be coming out of your cage and doing just fine, you could be the dancing queen, or you could be a little boy from Brooklyn who got a super-soldier serum. It’s a free and loose meme, and those are sometimes the best kind because everyone gets to put their unique spin on it.

So here are some of the best “You’re in his/her/their DMs” meme:

So you might be in his DMs, but I’m in the corner, watching him kiss her, OHHHHHHHH.

(image: Fox/Photoshop)

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