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Why Are Men Pointing Guns at Their Dicks to Own the Libs?

Raphie in A Christmas Story

In the latest strange questions from Twitter, we’re now asking this: Why are men pointing guns at their crotches with the safeties off? In my research, I just found a lot of confusion. Why the sudden trend? Why are men so fragile?

First, let’s look at the phenomenon.

So, what you do is take the safety off your gun, place the gun at dick level, put your finger on the trigger, and then sit there and hope you don’t blow off your genitalia accidentally. That will definitely show me, a lib, that worrying about gun safety is for losers who haven’t shot their own bits off.

In fact, if you look at the one picture, the man is driving at 65 MPH with a gun on his crotch and taking a picture, so that probably ended really well. Apparently, this has been going on for a while now, and the point is supposedly to poke fun at the very idea of basic gun safety. No matter anyone’s reason for doing something this stupid, you, sir, do not need to procreate, and that is proven by your choice of pretending to shoot your dick off in a moving vehicle.

But looking at Twitter, it seems as if we all just want to know why…

Even the user who posted the pictures has no idea why any of this is happening.

Like many internet phenomenons, it could be nothing. It could be someone saw a trend and thought to bring it up, but even if it is a trend, what is the meaning behind guns on your crotches? Can ANYONE explain?

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