A Hollow Earth Would Be Kind of Rad

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MinutePhsyics is back with their latest scientific musing, this time on how our world would be different if it was hollow. Most notably, travelling from one end of the planet to the other would be way faster, as long as you suspended a couple of other laws of nature. Unfortunately, like the crappiest Expedia deal ever, that increase in speed could only be achieved if you were travelling from one pole to another, meaning that your entertainment and hospitality options on arrival would be limited to things like “Looking At Penguins” and “Freezing To Death.” There are other drawbacks as well, but we’ll leave them for the video while we concentrate on how much fun it would be to fall through a planet. For, like, the first five minutes before it probably gets kind of dark and boring and you just wish there was an in-flight movie.

(via MinutePhysics)

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