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Yes, Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Francesca Told Him About ‘Goncharov’

Francesca and Martin Scorsese at a premiere

So you’ve probably seen a lot about Goncharov—unless you’re not chronically online like the rest of us. Then you probably are wondering, “What the hell is Rachel talking about now?” and that’d be fair. But I’ve been obsessed with this movie that Martin Scorsese allegedly (but hasn’t really) made that is known as the greatest mafia film to ever exist—which is wild given who Martin Scorsese is.

But the film gained traction on Tumblr, as all good things do, and then carried on to other platforms that left fans confused. What is this movie? Is it real? Or is this just something that the internet made up while refusing to admit it? The reality is the latter, but it has made for great bits among friends and a hilarious trend.

Now, though, it seems as if Martin Scorsese himself is in on the bit. When one TikTok user asked if we all thought that Francesca Scorsese had to tell her father, Martin Scorsese, about the movie, she took matters into her own hands.

Posting on TikTok, Scorsese shared a screengrab of a text conversation with “daddio” (you know, Martin Scorsese) that shared a link about the movie from the New York Times, and she asked if he’d heard about it. To Martin Scorsese’s credit, he responded by saying that he made the movie years ago.

So now the question is this: Who told Martin Scorsese about Goncharov before Francesca Scorsese could? Or better yet, if he did make this movie, where can I watch it because I have got to know what the best mafia movie ever made is all about—especially if it is about the Naples mafia!

Where is Goncharov streaming?

As we know, Scorsese has been saving films in his own private library, so I can only assume that is where the one lone copy of Goncharov lives, and that’s sad for me, someone who grew up watching Scorsese’s mafia films. And Goncharov being a Robert De Niro flick, to top it all off? It’s unfair that he has kept this from us.

The reality is that I have to assume Scorsese’s team was aware of this and just gave him a heads up so he was in on the bit from the start with his daughter, because honestly, it’d be funny if Martin Scorsese were on Tumblr seeing what people say about his films. Does he know that the scene in The Departed where Leonardo DiCaprio and Vera Farmiga have sex while “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd plays has changed me as a person?

Point is, however Martin Scorsese knew about the bit that is Goncharov, he did, and Francesca Scorsese then gave us further lore to the film by sharing his response on TikTok. I give this entire situation about another month before we have fan videos of a younger Robert De Niro and Cybil Shepherd in scenes together mixed to, like, a slowed down cover of “That’s Amore” or something.

(featured image: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Netflix)

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