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Paramount Rolling Out Yearly Transformers Sequels in 2017, 2018, & 2019 If You’re Into That

More than meets ... demand?


We’re all very excited for more Transformers after Transformers: Age of Extinction. … Right? Paramount certainly seems to think so. They’re pushing ahead with those “shared universe” plans—blame Marvel—for more Transformers movies with yearly releases to come.

Transformers 5, which Michael Bay will direct (despite how it originally seemed like he was going to move on to blowing other things up), is coming on June 23, 2017. For those playing along at home, yes, that does mean it’s opening against the impossibly-long-awaited solo Wonder Woman movie, so we assume we can count on all of you to choose wisely that weekend.

Then, the sixth and seventh installments of the franchise will arrive in June 2018 and June 2019, although there’s currently no information on just what those movies will be. Mark Wahlberg is expected to return for number 5, so it’ll probably be a direct sequel, but with plans to somehow expand the franchise into its own universe, the next two could really be anything.

Personally, I’m pulling for them to go with some really weird genre experiments for their solo movie choices. Number six should just be a remake of Duel, but with Optimus Prime. As for number seven, it could be some kind of legal drama involving the character from Age of Extinction who likes to get laws printed up on cards that he can show to people in the service of awful jokes. He could go to jail. Forever. I’d watch it a million times.

Although, I can make fun and dislike the series all I want, but the movies are clearly making plenty of money, and they’ll probably continue to do so, especially with how well they do overseas. If we’re going to suffer through an expanded Transformers universe (and we are), what weird directions would you like to see it take? Hit us with your pitches in the comments.

(via Variety, image via Paramount)

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