Yahoo And Zynga Make A Deal, or Farmville’s World Domination

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Not only has Zynga recently repaired ties with Facebook, but now it’s quickly accelerating its mission to conquer the world. Today, Zynga has announced a partnership with Yahoo. That’s right. In the coming months everyone’s favorite Zynga games, including the dark behemoth that is Farmville, will inundate the Yahoo network. TechCrunch estimates that Yahoo has about 600 million users. That means that almost ten percent of the global population will have to see when their friends adopt a cow or whatever the hell you do in that game.

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Specifics aren’t in yet, so there’s no telling whether Zynga will make the Yahoo home page, but Yahoo is confirming that games and updates will be available through Yahoo Games, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Messenger. The gaming will begin in the U.S. before making its way to an international, unsuspecting audience.

With the recent creation of and rumors of future independent game portal Zynga Live, all this news harkens back to one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines: “All the world’s a farmville,  and all the men and women merely farmers. They have their shovels and their hoes, and one man in his time can’t escape the Zynga overlords.”

So basically, it’s the apocalypse. See below:

(Via TechCrunch, title image via PS3informer, other image via AreWeNewAtThis)

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