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Xena’s Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor Are Reuniting Onscreen, Gays Continue to Win

xena gabrielle are back with Renee o Connor and Lucy lawless back together

Celebration time gays! Xena and Gabrielle, Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor, are reuniting for the first time on television since Xena ended in 2001.

Xena: Warrior Princess is iconic for a number of reasons, but especially for the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle. Dripping with subtext, the relationship became a siren’s song for many baby gays—your humble writer included. While it never became “canon” in the sense of today, the writers were very aware of the LGBTQ fanbase surrounding them and played into it as much as possible. It wasn’t really queerbaiting because, at the end of the day, we knew that they were doing as much as they could. Plus the love between the two women was undeniable.

The two actresses are reuniting for Lucy Lawless’ series My Life Is Murder, which airs on Acorn TV. Renee O’Connor will guest star in a late-season episode of the mystery drama as Clarissa Klein. According to Entertainment Weekly, Klein is “a wellness guru who tussles with Lawless’ Alexa, a former homicide detective who consults on particularly perplexing murders while trying to maintain balance in her personal life.”

This reunion is something that Lawless has been planning for a long time. “Greenstone just hauled arse to get Renee into MIQ [Managed Isolation and Quarantine, i.e. two weeks in a hotel, a mandatory measure for all arrivals to New Zealand], which she was willing to do and it was available to do, thank God,” Lawless explained. “We got her here [to New Zealand]. Against impossible odds, we managed to bring Ren into the country to do this and the fans are just gonna love it. It’s a huge gift to them.”

EW has a full interview, along with an exclusive look at the series, but what was touching was seeing how much these two women really seem to love each other. Considering how long they have been attached to each other in pop culture, you’d think they’d be tired of each other, but that doesn’t seem like the case.

O’CONNOR: […] Before I even started filming, Lucy said, “Come on and watch,” because I had some nerves — it had been a few years since I’d been on a set. And it just felt like walking into Lucy’s living room and having friends over. It was so charming and loving. And it was like that all the way to the very end. I actually had a little withdrawal when I finished filming.

LAWLESS: Did you?

O’CONNOR: I did! I missed it. Especially you.

LAWLESS: I’m shocked that you hadn’t been on a set in years because you were, like, right back there instantly — it was quite marvelous.

O’CONNOR: Thank you, Lucy.

I know I will be checking out My Life is Murder because I am a fan of crime series, but also, I can’t wait to see these two women onscreen together again.

(via EW, image: NBCUniversal)

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