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Ain’t No Rave Like an X-Men Rave Because an X-Men Rave Contains Multiple Mentally Unstable Mutant Powerhouses

Mutatis Mutandis


Kevin Wada and Max Wittert, old hands at X-Men redesigns, have turned their focus to club fashion for their latest installment. So if the X-Men all went out on the weekend, downed some illegal substances (perhaps a lot of illegal substances, if we’re talking about Wolverine or Colossus), and then got down.

Gambit? Where is your pink? Look, just because you only had shorts to wear doesn’t mean it’s okay to steal Jubilee’s trenchcoat, even if it matches. Nevertheless, please let me know where you got those socks.

Cyclops is certainly not worried about the cold, we just hope he has the stamina to keep holding that pane of glass up to his face all night.

Namor, who yes, is a very early mutant, according to current continuity, only comes out with the X-Men when his schedule allows it.

X-23 will be a wallflower if she wants. She also might stab a guy first. Whatevs.

(via io9)

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