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Wynonna Earp Is Back but What the Heck Is Happening?

WYNONNA EARP -- "On the Road Again" Episode 401 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp, Katherine Barrell as Officer Nicole Haught -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

*Spoiler warning for the season four premiere of Wynonna Earp, “On The Road Again.”*

After two years of waiting, Wynonna Earp finally beaver blasted her way back onto our screens, guns blazing and sex jokes flying. It was a delight to see our favorite characters back at long last, but it also was an hour packed, as many Wynonna episodes are, with more flash than answers to big burning questions.

First off, if you were foolish like me and didn’t go into the premiere have rewatched the season three finale, you might also have been … pretty confused. And look, I know that’s my fault and that I should have boned up on the show after two years away, but still, I wish the “previously on” has been a bit more in-depth, because I did have to pause several times and look up the wiki summary of “War Paint.” Not that it helped too much, because “War Paint” was so dense with twists and mythology I’m still parsing it two years later.

But we picked up sorta where we left off, with Wynonna and Nedley on their way to get their people from The Garden; Nicole, Jeremy, and Robin on a train to parts unknown, and Doc and Waverly in the Garden.

Let’s start with humans stuck on earth. It was great to see Wynonna back, cracking jokes and screwing up in an effort to save Waverly and Doc. She ended up stepping into the void trying to get into the garden via the magic stairs near purgatory, and she and Nedley ended up dealing with a wicked case of crabs, but some help from Mercedes and digging into some of Dolls old files led them to a possible Black Badge black site where the mysterious “Valdez” might have opened a door to the garden.

Off Wynonna went to Monument which is (like everything apparently?) an entirely abandoned town, but on the way she found Nicole! Yay! Kinda. Nicole got away from Black Badge (at least I think it was Black Badge?) thanks to Kate aka the Contessa, who maybe sacrificed herself to get Nicole out of a booby-trapped train? Also was Robin Dead? Where was Jeremy?

After rightfully punching Wynonna for lying and drugging her, Nicole and the no-longer heir basically ended up in a law-rent resident evil game, because apparently Black Badge turned all the scientists that were working on the portal to the garden into Zombies?? They met Rachel Valdez, daughter of the scientist who had been heading up the project, and she was great, but Wynonna being Wynonna, messed things up a bit and Nicole … ended up falling into a pit of Zombies? Or maybe into the Garden?

Speaking of. “The Garden” looks a lot like a barren winter field in Calgary for some reason, not very garden-y. It’s a weird place with free-standing doors and a stone angel throne that Waverly really wants to sit on. Also there’s a machine that needs to be fed blood? And an unfortunate Black Badge employee who was there and promptly self-decapitated. Oh, and somehow at the very end, Nicole showed up naked?

It was all very mysterious and posed more questions, but not much in the hour answered any of the major questions we already had from three seasons of the show. But, then again, Wynonna Earp is not a show about answers. In season one, we never really got an answer about Bulshar’s curse, and since then, the show has consistently teased new mysteries and major revelations, but never really followed up on them. Like that whole Black Badge blood pact the gang signed or Black Badge in general, things get brought up a lot then discarded. The show remains extremely entertaining and fun, but it also tends to be so fast-paced that it gets confusing.

Will things even out as we get further into season four, part one, which will only run for six episodes, since the production on the show shut down due to COVID, like everything else. Will we finally get answers on why Black Badge is the absolute worst and most incompetent shadowing government organization ever, or will we move on to the next thing? We’ll see.

Either way, it is a joy to see our favorite characters back on screen at last. It’s been a long wait.

(image: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

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