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World’s First Test-Tube Baby Penguin Is a Breakthrough in Adorable Animal Science

Adorable animal science is the most important science.

This is the world’s first penguin born through artificial insemination, because it is extremely important that we have perfected methods of creating adorable, fuzzy creatures. The female baby Magellanic penguin is currently only known by the number “184,” probably because the scientists didn’t want to name her “Awwww” and couldn’t manage to say anything else at the time.

Twelve weeks after she was born, 184 is reportedly doing well and displays no differences from natural-born penguins.

Sea World’s reproductive center says the artificial insemination technique they used for 184 will help them increase diversity in the captive penguin population and monitor the health of zoological and wild penguin populations. Meanwhile, 184 will help the human population by making us feel all warm and fuzzy.

(via Yahoo News)

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