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The Perfect BB-8 Toy We’ve Been Looking for Goes on Sale Tomorrow!

Commence delusions of grandeur.

It’s the moment all Star Wars fans have been waiting for! No, not the new movie. We’re all still just cautiously optimistic about that. (Actually our entire staff has fallen victim to the hype train, but I digress.) You can get your own adorable, magical, functional BB-8 droid!

Yes, on Force Friday, you’ll be able to pick up a miniature marvel of technology from Apple stores (don’t fret; he’s Android compatible), Best Buy, and the Sphero website (the company behind the nifty home version of BB-8’s tech) for the fairly reasonable price of $149.99. There’s no word yet on how that translates to galactic credits. If there’s one arena where Star Wars has always reigned supreme, it’s merchandising, and this toy exemplifies that like no other—if not in how it replicates the wonderful little droid, then in how much we want to buy one without even having seen the movie yet.

An R2-D2 toy like this would’ve blown my mind as a child, so it’s going to be hard to find reasons not to treat myself to one of these. My brain right now:


(via The Verge)

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