Your Walls Are Alive, And Eco-Friendly

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Meet Wally, “the anysize, anywhere, modular living wall system,” and siblings Woolly Pocket (free-standing floor model), and Woolly Vagabond (traveling live bag), all part of the family of felt and recycled water bottle planters from

The soft, flexible sides of the planters, made from felt, allow more air into the soil, which promotes healthy, leafy growth. The waterproof linings protect walls, floors, rugs and other household surfaces. The modular Wally systems will go pretty much anywhere, so you can shed that hypoallergenic medical mask and start breathing some fresh clean O2, even if you’re confined to small quarters.

Woollypocket also works with schools to create edible gardens that teach children about plant processes (flashback to 5th grade photosynthesis). And all you Patriots out there in Internet-land will be happy to know that Woolly products are proudly handmade in the U.S. of A.

(via Cool Hunting)

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