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Wonder Woman No Longer Honorary UN Ambassador For Empowerment of Women, Will Always Be That Around Here


Back in October, the United Nations joined forces with DC Comics in a partnership to raise awareness of their Sustainable Development Goal #5, which focuses on gender equality being a key component in a better, more sustainable world, and made Wonder Woman an honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. Some people weren’t thrilled with that decision, and now it seems that they’ve gotten their wish. Wonder Woman’s UN campaign is at an end.

Wonder Woman was named an honorary ambassador in a ceremony featuring Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter, while several dozen protesters held up their fists with their backs turned on the proceedings in silent protest of the decision, finding the selection of Wonder Woman problematic because of her attire, her “Americanness,” and the fact that she’s a “white woman.” You can read all of my thoughts about that HERE.

According to The Verge, UN spokesperson Jeffrey Brez said that, while Wonder Woman’s campaign is officially ending this Friday, “that previous UN initiatives with fictional characters have had short runs.” While we thought that her campaign would run through 2017, to coincide with the release of the Wonder Woman film, it makes sense that the campaign would end right around now, this being the end of her 75th anniversary.

I’m sorry the campaign is coming to an end, and I hope the end of the campaign doesn’t have anything to do with the protests about it. While I respect people making their feelings known, it seemed that a lot of that feeling was based in ignorance and misunderstanding of who and what Wonder Woman is and has been as a character.


Still, Wondy doesn’t have to be a UN Honorary Ambassador to be an inspiration! She’s been inspiring women and girls (and men!) all over the world for 75 years. Around these parts, she’ll always stand for empowerment.


And sweet dance moves.

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