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Everybody Wants to Be Wonder Woman for Halloween!

Google has released its Halloween Google Trends data, revealing the most searched-for costumes in the United States. Wonder Woman is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the #1 most searched costume, followed by Harley Quinn in second. The rest of the list is primarily generic costumes, like “unicorn” or “vampire,” but Moana comes in at #12, It/Pennywise the Clown comes in at #16, and Batman comes in at #17.

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Here are the full top 20 most Googled costumes in the United States:

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Harley Quinn
  3. Clown
  4. Unicorn
  5. Rabbit
  6. Witch
  7. Mouse
  8. Pirate
  9. Zombie
  10. Dinosaur
  11. Princess
  12. Moana
  13. Ninja
  14. Superhero
  15. Mermaid
  16. It
  17. Batman
  18. Monster
  19. Vampire
  20. Doll

You can also see the data broken down by state. You’ll see that Diana is #1 in 24 states, while Harley Quinn tops the list in five states plus the District of Columbia. Delaware is the only state where It/Pennywise was the #1 search, while Vermont and Wyoming went in search of throwbacks. Vermonters’ #1 costume search was Catwoman, and in Wyoming they Googled Joker costumes. (Jared Leto or Heath Ledger, Wyoming? I gotta ask.)

Alaska: Ninja

Alabama: Wonder Woman

Arkansas: Clown

Arizona: Wonder Woman

California: Wonder Woman

Colorado: Wonder Woman

Connecticut: Wonder Woman

District of Columbia: Harley Quinn

Delaware: It

Florida: Wonder Woman

Georgia: Harley Quinn

Hawaii: Wonder Woman

Iowa: Wonder Woman

Idaho: Rabbit

Illinois: Wonder Woman

Indiana: Dinosaur

Kansas: Wonder Woman

Kentucky: Clown

Louisiana: Wonder Woman

Massachusetts: Wonder Woman

Maryland: Wonder Woman

Maine: Superhero

Michigan: Wonder Woman

Minnesota: Zombie

Missouri: Clown

Mississippi: Mouse

Montana: Dinosaur

North Carolina: Wonder Woman

North Dakota: Unicorn

Nebraska: Wonder Woman

New Hampshire: Rabbit

New Jersey: Wonder Woman

New Mexico: Harley Quinn

Nevada: Wonder Woman

New York: Wonder Woman

Ohio: Harley Quinn

Oklahoma: Wonder Woman

Oregon: Unicorn

Pennsylvania: Harley Quinn

Rhode Island: Witch

South Carolina: Harley Quinn

South Dakota: Witch

Tennessee: Wonder Woman

Texas: Wonder Woman

Utah: Witch

Virginia: Wonder Woman

Vermont: Catwoman

Washington: Wonder Woman

Wisconsin: Zombie

West Virginia: Clown

Wyoming: Joker

Now, this data doesn’t tell us the demographics of the searches, and it doesn’t tell us how many users executed on their costumes ideas. Parents could be looking for their children, college kids could be searching for themselves, etc. But I do know that this data confirms two crucial things: the viability of big-screen female superheroes, and the importance of representation. I definitely don’t think it’s a coincidence that Wonder Woman, the first woman to headline a modern superhero film, and Moana, Disney’s first Polynesian princess, both appear on the list. People want to see themselves represented in media, and when they do, they’re excited and enthused.

Best of luck as you pull your own costumes together, TMS readers!

(Via Google Trends and Vogue; image via Warner Bros.)

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