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Here’s An App That Tells You When You’re Near Somewhere Women Made History

I'd guess once this gets thorough it will be most places

When it comes to what we’re taught about history and the historical faces and names we encounter and remember most routinely, women and their participation often get shoved to the background. But that’s hardly a representative or healthy habit, even if it’s an institutional one and one that’s pretty tough to beat. One thing that helps is actively reminding yourself of the truly astounding ways women have participated in and made history. Enter Women On The Map, SPARK’s addition to Google’s Field Trip app.

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As SPARK notes (emphasis theirs):

Last year, we saw the same thing happen when we looked at Google’s Doodles: between 2010 and 2013, only 17% of Google Doodles around the world honored women. When we talked to them about it, not only had they already started fixing the problem, but they also invited us to join their Field Trip app. Google knows, as we do, that it’s not that women don’t make history–it’s that we don’t honor them for it.

That’s what we’re aiming to fix with Women on the Map.

Activate the feature and your phone will buzz when you approach a place where a woman or women made history. So far they’ve “researched and written about over 100 women around the world who have done something incredible.” It’s available on Android and iOS. I’m going to install this on my phone immediately; I can’t wait to learn about the history around me.

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