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Women Destroy Civilizations If Men Don’t Control Them, and Other Outrageous Ideas From the “Manosphere”

Leslie Knope says men's rights is nothing and she's right


In August of 2019, “relationship coach” Noah Revoy logged in to and stated that he thought women needed the patriarchy because, without it, we would malfunction and destroy civilizations.

Please see exhibit A:

Now, he was dragged on Twitter at the time, and you’d think it’d make him take a look at his stance and either keep his bad opinions to himself or at least see that maybe he’s wrong, right? Wrong. Here’s more from just recently, as he prepares to speak at the “Make Women Great Again” convention (the speakers for which, listed on their website, are predictably “100% pure male speakers”):

This is just Revoy’s personal sexist views on women, but ones he’s making a career (and book deals) out of trying to spread and bring up a larger issue that needs to be addressed: men thinking they have the right to tell women what they need to do to be the best woman they can be. In Revoy’s mind, I’m already out because I have absolutely no domestic skills other than cleaning from time to time (oh, and also, you know, the tattoos, and I have debt, and a ton of moles and freckles, but you get the point).

Revoy is not the only dudebro on Twitter who wants to share his “tips” for women and try to make a movement out of them. It’s a very dangerous trend that we’re seeing more and more—like with this one from the “1st President of The Manosphere,” the online misogynist movement/hate group. We’ll call it exhibit B:

Maybe it’s because I come from a family where my mother was the breadwinner, and without her, we’d have been f**ked. (Nothing against my loving father, he just was not the one who made the money or took care of us all in that way. He was my movie buddy who I love to hang out with.) But seeing stuff like this, I have to laugh.

Are men that fragile that if they’re not the “head of a household” or feeling like they’re in charge of a woman, they need to tear down the idea of a woman having any sort of independence?

What I want to really talk about, though, is this idea that if women did not have men telling us “no,” that we’d malfunction and “destroy civilizations.” Now, speaking personally, I’m almost always malfunctioning and destroying civilization, but that’s just because I’m a Scorpio.

Do these men realize that, in most other civilizations outside of the United States, women have been in charge and the civilizations are doing just fine? Or do these dudebros think only of America as a civilization? Anyway, the point is, women wouldn’t “destroy” civilizations if the patriarchy didn’t exist. I would willingly destroy men who call themselves a “patriarch,” but that’s different.

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