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Things We Saw Today: This Woman Wore the Same Hawaiian Shirt To 264 Zoom Meetings & No One Noticed

Four shots of a woman wearing the same hawaiian shirt in different Zoom meetings.

We’ve all had to get creative during the pandemic to find ways to keep ourselves occupied and amused. One woman named Jackie made the most of her time working from home by wearing the exact same Hawaiian shirt in every Zoom meeting she had with her colleagues for more than a year.

Jackie told Inside Edition that she thought it would be funny to wear the shirt two days in a row. It’s a pretty distinctive shirt so obviously, people would notice and comment on it. Except no one did. No one noticed that second day so Jackie kept the joke going and ended up wearing the shirt for 264 consecutive meetings and still, no one noticed.

She posted a TikTok documenting the journey back in April:

@jemjackiejem##stitch with @moneyintheblank ##greenscreen ##foryoupage ##millennial♬ original sound – JEM

And again in May:

@jemjackiejemhelp me lol ##fyp ##foryoupage ##workfromhome ##zoommeeting ##fypシ ##millennial ##corporate ##9to5 ##corporatelife♬ I’m Not Okay (I Promise) – My Chemical Romance

She even got a new coworker at one point and still nothing.

@jemjackiejemBeen wearing this shirt to every meeting for over a year… ##fyp ##foryoupage ##zoommeeting ##helpme ##nonprofit ##hawaiianshirt ##fypシforyoupage♬ original sound – JEM

“I had some real ups and downs,” Jackie says. “Like the first month, I was like, this is really funny. Then it’d be like, oh, I’m still wearing this. And then it’d be funny again.”

After 264 meetings in “the pineapples and flowers,” on her last day before leaving for a new job, Jackie finally told her coworkers what she’d been doing and she says everyone was genuinely surprised, it’s not just that they’d been unsure of how to broach the subject.

This is especially amazing because women in general can feel such pressure in how we present ourselves at work. Even over Zoom, we’re expected to put a ton of effort into their clothes, makeup, hair, and everything else. That pressure can be very real, but it can also be self-inflicted. Maybe this is a nice reminder that it’s OK to go easy on ourselves sometimes. It’s possible no one is even paying attention. (via HuffPost)

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And finally, we will not be acknowledging Lena Dunham’s Polly Pocket movie in hopes that if we ignore it, it will turn out to have been a collective fever dream. Happy almost Friday!

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