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Wolverine Wants to See Cyclops in a Speedo and There Is Nothing Y’all Can Do to Stop Them

Scott and Wolverine


A while ago, we wrote about the poly relationship that was going on between Scott Summers, his wife Jean, and their Canadian boy-toy, Wolverine. It was vague enough that you could assume that maybe it was just Jean getting some love from both, but the gays knew that there was a little bit more to it, and the most recent issue of X-Men #7 seems to confirm that.

**Spoilers for X-Men#7 comic.**


Logan, restless and enjoying the view of the Earth from the Moon, is sipping on some coffee, dressed in only a simple robe—chest exposed slightly, his brow unbothered. Enter, Scott Summers—once a romantic rival, now a friend … maybe something more. Scott sits beside him in the empty chair and teases Logan, saying that the reason for his Canadian friend’s sleeplessness is his body hair. It’s “too hot for covers and too cool without them.”

Our grumpy Mustelidae-named friend then responds that they should just “sit like men” in quiet and drink their coffee. Never one to miss an opportunity to disregard a command, Scott ignores this concept of masculinity and invites Logan to come on a trip with Jean, the kids, and himself. “It might be nice,” Scott says after admitting he knows it isn’t the feral man’s usual idea of fun.

After an intimate pause of contemplation, Logan waxes about the image of Jean wearing a bikini. Not wanting to escape this male gaze, Scott adds “Scott in a Speedo” to the fantasy mix. Rather than making a joke or dismissing the idea, Wolverine chuckles, in what is certainly a raspy baritone, and responds: “Well, who could say no to that?” Scott says great, and they relax into a calm tranquil familiarity.

End Scene.

So yeah, they are all dating, and it’s great. Finally, after years of alpha-male posturing, these two can finally get down, make love, and put all of that behind them.

There might be some who may say, “Well, that doesn’t actually confirm anything,” and to them I ask: What do you have against true love? What do you have against the idea of these queer-coded superheroes living very queer lives? Wolverine can still be your hero, your champion of masculinity, while being a bottom. Nothing has changed, except now Logan has a lot more opportunities to seek out joy in his life, and I think we should all support this. He’s lived a very, very long time. I’m sure this isn’t his first time having a relationship with another man.

I also hope that this development in the triad means that, somewhere in the house, Jean is having this exact conversation with Emma Frost, but instead of coffee, they’re drinking wine, and Jean has already mentally packed all of Emma’s clothes anyway.

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