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Meet The Mary Sue/WeLoveFine Fan Design Contest Winner Nina Slunsky!

It's bow-tiful.


Alright nerds, who likes graphic design? Because while the other winners of our design contest with WeLoveFine we’ve featured so far have all had people in them, Nina Slunsky took a more… iconic approach. We think it’s pretty cool. And so did one Felicia Day, who chose Slunsky’s “Sum of Me” for her judge’s pick. You can see more of Slunsky’s artwork below, and for even more of her bold style, check out her portfolio blog, her art blog (Korra and Mako in the infamous DashCon ballpit—I’m just sayin’), and her deviantART. And, of course, you can wear “Sum of Me” on your very own person by visiting our WLF store.

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