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We're Giving Away Two Droid Charges, Here's How to Win

Hot on the heels of our $25 giftcard t-shirt giveaway (the winners for that will be announced soon), we have another fairly painless to participate in, pretty awesome giveaway. We have two Droid Charges just sitting around, being protected by our Pirates pieces. If you’d like to have a chance to win a new Droid Charge, complete with stalwart factory screen protector standing vigilant over the pretty screen, all you have to do is follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook, and we’ll pick one winner from our pool of Twitter followers and one winner from our pool of Facebook followers and give them one Droid Charge each. You will only be eligible for one Droid Charge, but following us on both platforms will increase your odds of winning one, by way of fancy numerical magic. When the winners are chosen, we will contact them on the platform on which their winning entry was chosen. Also, do not worry, current Geekosystem followers, you’re already entered in the drawing.

Sounds simple, right? At this point, you might be narrowing your eyes and cautiously whispering “Too simple,” while looking around for the flanking velociraptor, but rest assured, we’re not the clever girl in this scenario. You’d be the clever girl for attempting to win a sweet new phone by expending the small amount of energy it takes to perform a few clicks. You want to have the same status as a velociraptor, don’t you?

So, the TL;DR of it is, if you want to win a sweet new Droid Charge (minus the pirate protectors), courtesy of Samsung, follow Geekosystem on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

(image via Justin Ouellette)

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