Remember the Geekosystem Survey? You Could Still Win a $25 Gift Card for Fun T-Shirt Purchases

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You see that awesomely punny graphic up above? You can have that on a shirt! Or a breakfast cereal Castlevania mashup! Or ALF cooking his favorite meal! You want to sport those shirts around town, right? If you do us a favor and take this quick survey to tell us about yourself, you’ll have a chance to land a $25 gift card from Splitreason, and can then walk around town proudly displaying your love of Castlevania and Count Chocula.

If you’re a little shy about telling us some basic information about yourself, we at Geekosystem will get the ball rolling with some of our darkest secrets: James Plafke doesn’t dig The Lord of the Rings, and Eric Limer just couldn’t get into Ocarina of Time, only one of the best video games ever made. What kind of geeks are they? Max Eddy once ate an entire can of jellied cranberry sauce by himself on a day that was not (or even close to) Thanksgiving, and it happened at a movie theater, and Geekosystem rogue contributor Rollin Bishop is terrified of pizza sauce (okay, maybe he just dislikes it and misses pizza parties because of that). The answers you’ll be giving are more basic and much less embarrassing than the ones we just provided, so get to it!

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