Alba Baptista as Ava and Kristina Tonteri-Young as Sister Beatrice in Warrior Nun season 2

‘Warrior Nun’ Will Return—but It Isn’t Getting a New Season

Another fan campaign has managed the impossible. Warrior Nun, which was unceremoniously canceled by Netflix after its second season, has been miraculously revived—though not in the way you might think.

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Inspired by the comic books by Ben Dunn, Warrior Nun sees a young woman gain a new lease on life after being resurrected by a religious artifact. After her resurrection, she is forced to join the Order of the Cruciform Sword, an ancient organization tasked with protecting the Earth from demons. All the while, forces on both sides seek to control her and the powerful Halo embedded into her back.

Warrior Nun was another victim of Netflix’s ongoing cancelation spree. This cancelation caused more outrage than most, though. Warrior Nun was yet another fantasy show with a lesbian relationship front and center, axed before the characters could begin to explore their relationship on screen—and the second season’s massive cliffhanger didn’t help matters, either. Petitions were started, #SaveWarriorNun relentlessly circulated on social media, and billboards went up in front of Netflix’s offices in New York and Los Angeles. The outcry was real, and the campaign has proven genuinely effective.

Though Netflix hasn’t renewed Warrior Nun for a third season, another unrevealed studio has appointed itself as the show’s new guardian angel. Executive producer Dean English and showrunner Simon Barry revealed earlier this year that Warrior Nun will return as a movie trilogy instead.

Any major announcements about the Warrior Nun movie trilogy thus far have been hindered due to the recently resolved WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Now that those are over, however, fans should expect to hear more news soon, including which cast members will return, what the trilogy will be about, production updates, potential release dates, and more.

We expect that the first movie, at least, will pick up right after season 2 left off—Netflix did, after all, leave the show with a massive cliffhanger. Ava and Sister Beatrice professed their feelings for one another for the first time in the season 2 finale, but that’s not all. Ava, the titular Warrior Nun, sacrificed herself to defeat Adriel and save the world but is now most likely stuck in another realm with no way to return home. Meanwhile, Beatrice left the Order of the Cruciform Sword after Adriel’s powers and evil tested her faith beyond its limits.

There are a lot of ways the story could continue. Thankfully, Warrior Nun fans can now rest assured that the show still has a future.

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