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Seriously, When Are We Getting More ‘Bee and PuppyCat’?

Natasha Allegri originally made her claim to fame working on Adventure Time, but it’s Bee and PuppyCat that introduced the world to Allegri’s true capabilities and talent. So when can we get season 3 already!?

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The show originally premiered on YouTube all the way back in 2013, and it tells the story of Bee, a human girl who finally finds a sense of belonging and meaning after meeting an alien creature named PuppyCat. The series follows their adventures, contrasting Bee’s hohum life with the strange, fantastical world PuppyCat inhabits (or inhabited, technically speaking).

Given fans just received Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space back in September 2022, many are eager for a third season to ship on Netflix. So, when can we expect more from this iconic series? Read on to learn more about Bee and PuppyCat’s potential third season.

So, will there be a Bee and PuppyCat Season 3?

For the time being, no, we have no official confirmation that more Bee and PuppyCat is on the way. Fans think season three is a possibility, but 2023’s industry strikes have likely delayed any forward progress on new episodes.

“I theorize that the merch releases are to keep interest up while the writer’s and actor’s unions work out a deal with the studios,” one fan said on r/beeandpuppycat in summer 2023. “That, in my opinion, shows that there will likely be a second part to Lazy in Space!”

Still from Bee and PuppyCat on Netflix

Fans also pointed out that the Bee and PuppyCat Twitter account remains active as well, with regular posts and retweets shared throughout 2023. Allegri has continued to share artwork involving Bee and PuppyCat on her official Twitter page, too, suggesting the showrunner hasn’t forgotten about her fans and their love for her quirky little show.

So, does it seems likely that Bee and PuppyCat will receive more content in the future? Probably. But for now, fans will simply have to keep their fingers crossed that a third season is on the way, as we don’t have any official news to confirm these two beloved characters will continue their story.

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