Ainz Ool Gown and Albedo from Overlord

Will ‘Overlord’ Return for Season 5?

My vicarious supervillain life depends on knowing WHEN we will get to see more Overlord.

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I’m tired of having to follow the rules. Wake up. Go to work. Go to the grocery store. Do my laundry. Cook dinner. Spend money. Go to sleep at a semi-reasonable hour. Do it all again. I just want someone ELSE to do all of those things FOR ME while I CHILL harder than the #1 World’s Chillest Animal. All I want to do is lay around catching America-themed Pokémon while my army of minions toils away to make my life EASIER. But I don’t HAVE any minions. Nor do I have a cold, skeletal fist to rule them with.

That’s why I watch Overlord. Because I thirst for POWER. And by living vicariously through its main character, I can PRETEND that I have all that I desire. And I did. For four seasons. But now that mine eyes have gazed upon the final episode, I must return to my grim reality where I am the one who toils.

Unless of course a fifth season comes out …

What news of Overlord season 5? Tell me or I shall scorch your earth and slaughter your peasantry

Overlord season 4 ended with the episode “The Witch of the Falling Kingdom,” where the skeletal sorcerer Ainz Ooal Gown effortlessly defeated the foolish warrior Climb in a duel. This is resulted in the fall of the Royal Capitol, and Ainz was able to gain even MORE power. Glorious.

According to the nerds of the internet, no announcement has been made for season 5 of Overlord. I have scoured every corner, and yet my search has left me with nothing but fistfuls of digital ash and the bitter taste of defeat on my tongue. There is nary a word of season 5. It is unfortunate. The fourth season was released in May of 2021, many moons ago. I should have savored the series. Made it last. One episode every two months. Perhaps I would still be watching to this day. But alas, like Guns N’ Roses before me, I have an appetite for destruction, and it is insatiable. I put on a skeleton onesie and a king crown and locked myself in my room for three days and three nights. Not eating or sleeping. For lich-like I was kept alive by the POWER. The joy of RULING over my unwashed hordes of monsters. Of CRUSHING rebel kingdoms under my heel. It as if I was the ruler of an entire empire. But like all empires, I too saw my power wane.

I do not know if the skeleton king Ainz Ooal Gown will return, but it is possible. After all, the manga has many more chapters left, so this story of conquest is far from over. And until season 5 is announced, I will bide my time in darkness. Waiting. Plotting. Scheming. The fictional world shall soon be mine to rule.

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